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Analysis: Opposition

Venezuela: July 16 Opposition "Consultation" Countered by a Chavista Show of Strength


The real news of Sunday was the massive turnou for the official dry run of the Constituent Assembly elections, which was a show of strength for Chavismo.

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In Detail: The Deaths So Far


Venezuelanalysis provides readers with an in-depth and daily updated account of the deaths registered in relation to the violent opposition protests that began on April 4th.

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Pope Francis’ Call for Dialogue In Venezuela Should Be Heeded, to Avoid Civil War

(Russia Today)

Economist Mark Weisbrot argues that talks between the national government and opposition must happen if Venezuela is to avoid a repeat of the civil wars that engulfed Central America in the 1980s.

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Venezuelan Opposition Must Abandon Violent Protests to Deescalate Tensions

A Venezuelan opposition supporter in front of a barricade of smoldering rubble in Altamira, eastern Caracas. (Reuters)

The opposition must end violent protests aimed at ousting the elected Maduro government as a prerequisite for national reconciliation, argues University of Oriente Professor Steve Ellner. 

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Venezuela: Helicopter Attack as Opposition Steps up Campaign to Overthrow Maduro

Police official Oscar Perez is accused of attacking two government buildings from a helicopter on June 27. (Christian Veron/Reut

Things in Venezuela are changing by the day, sometimes by the hour.

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Official Communique: Helicopter Attack is Escalation in Regime Change Campaign


An official communique from the Venezuelan government on the helicopter attack perpetrated against the Supreme Court and Justice Ministry Tuesday evening.

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Jorge Martín: “The Venezuelan Opposition Does Not Want Democracy or Elections” (Pt. I)

Venezuelan opposition protesters incinerate a truck as part of an anti-government barricade in Caracas on May 26. (Carlos Garcí

Venezuela's violent opposition protests may be losing steam amid their failure to overthrow the elected Maduro government, argues Jorge Martín. 

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Right-Wing Terrorism in Venezuela

Fifty-four public buses were torched in Ciudad Guyana on May 22. (@TransBolivar)

Washington has given the green light to opposition political violence aimed at regime change "without delay" in Venezuela. 

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Burning Man in Venezuela

Orlando Figuera was set on fire by anti-government demonstrators on May 20. (Marco Bello / Reuters)

The man set on fire in Caracas might be the perfect symbol of the country’s runaway opposition.


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Standoff in Venezuela

A lone National Guardsperson stares down a line of right-wing demonstrators. (Pedro Mattey/AVN)

Professor Steve Ellner challenges claims that the Maduro government is "on its last legs", pointing to the opposition's failure to convince the popular sectors to join their protests thus far. 

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Authoritarianism in Venezuela? A Reply to Gabriel Hetland

Venezuelan opposition protesters burn a National Bolivarian Police motorcycle at an anti-government barricade in the affluent ea

Hetland recycles status quo liberal critiques of the Bolivarian Revolution ignoring grassroots support for Maduro, argues the VA team. 

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Dear Gustavo, it is with Great Sorrow that I Write...

Gustavo Dudamel released a statement which has been described as an "attack" on the Venezuelan government by the mains

Gustavo, my friend, the country is not just that middle class which is protesting in the east of the cities. When you, a figure who should represent the whole country, intervenes on behalf of those minorities that are using violence and hatred, you are undermining yourself. 

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Venezuelan Opposition’s Baffling OAS Hypocrisy

Venezuela's opposition has decried the government's decision to leave the OAS as a coup, despite having pushed for the

VA's Ryan Mallett-Outtrim argues that the Venezuelan government's decision to withdraw from the OAS last week is a game of chicken gone wrong for the opposition, which has repeatedly lobbied for the country to be suspended since 2016.

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Statement from Venezuelan Social Movements on the Murder of Jesús Sulbarán

Jesús Sulbarán and his family. The Merida state government worker was killed by snipers on April 24. (

Merida communal councils and popular movements denounce the murder of two state government workers by opposition snipers on April 24 as an act of terror against the Bolivarian project. 

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Why is Venezuela in Crisis Again?

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro holds a painting depicting late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Venezuelan liberator Simon

As the opposition and the government clash in the streets of Caracas, Venezuelans have reverted to survival mode.

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