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Analysis: Land Reform

Venezuela: Rural Killers Enjoy Impunity

Venezuela's National Campesino Front Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ) is organizing a national mobilization against impunity to prot

Having arrived back in Caracas after more than two weeks visiting various rural communities, leaders from the National Campesino Front Ezequiel Zamora (FNCEZ) told us that the bodies of two of their comrades, missing since April 12, had been found.

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Venezuela’s Battle for Food Sovereignty

A Venezuelan food co-operative (GLW)

Thanks to Prolesa, a milk processing co-operative in Tachira state, local milk farmers now have an alternative source to sell their milk to rather than being at the mercy of prices set by profit hungry multinationals that often exported the product for higher profits.

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Venezuela: Battling Land Inequality and Farmer Exploitation

Venezuela’s battle against land inequality and the exploitation of small agricultural producers has increased in intensity recently as the Chavez government steps up measures to redistribute fallow lands in the area known as South of Lake Maracaibo.

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Venezuela: Food Sovereignty Project Launched

This urban garden located in downtown Caracas is part of Venezuela's ongoing efforts to achieve Food Sovereignty (World Pre

In October, Chavez called for the acceleration of the nationalisation of agricultural assets, to put more land and property owned by huge food corporations under public control. The land reforms undertaken as part of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution have reduced hunger and poverty by allowing field hands to own the land they work.

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Moving Toward Land Reform, Food Sovereignty and Agroecology in Venezuela

A massive transformation of agriculture is occurring in Venezuela, a transformation that has lessons for every other country in the world.

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Urban Gardens & Self Revolution

The rural life has been all but abandoned throughout the years in Venezuela, replaced by mass importation and consumption. Venezuela’s agricultural innovations have come out of a desire to create a viable alternative to the industrialized agriculture complex that has dominated. We, in the United States, can significantly draw from this government-supported and people-powered agricultural revolution.

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The Food Sovereignty Movement in Venezuela, Part 2

Through their communal councils, many agricultural villages and towns are organizing to develop transportation infrastructure in order to make production economically viable.

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The Food Sovereignty Movement in Venezuela, Part 1

One of the goals of the Venezuelan government and its people is a food system that is just and sustainable, that is able to provide what people need. Based on the examples provided here, it is certain that great strides have been made in the 10 years of the Chavez administration to address issues of food sovereignty, but Venezuela is working against years and years of damage that has already been done.

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The Conflict between State-led Revolution and Popular Militancy in Venezuela

In Merida, Venezuela socialist governing officials clashed last June with families that took over unproductive farm land. This clash illustrates an apparent contradiction within the Chavez government's "participatory and protagonistic democracy" which calls on citizens to seize control over their communities and lives yet must also ensure political stability in strategic regions of the country.

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Chávez and Morales Take On Sweeping Measures at Land Reform

Latin America’s battalion of left-leaning leaders has been in full voice as they turn to achieve the land reform goals of the Bolivarian Revolution. The tenets of this revolution are best seen today at work in Venezuela and Bolivia.

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Land Reform Conflict in Venezuela’s Strategic Water Source

Cooperativist ecological farmers supported by the Venezuelan government’s land reform programs were attacked last Thursday by armed and masked men who, the farmers say, were hired by large estate owners in the area to cut short the changes heralded by the “Bolivarian Revolution” in their rural Andean Mountain valley.

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Co-operatives Turn Idle Landed Venezuelan Estates Green

"As far as you can see, there was not one litre of milk produced, not even an ear of corn," says José Tapia Coirán, turning with his arms outstretched, pointing to the horizon of the Venezuelan savannah dotted by trees. "Now we produce 500 litres of milk per day and we harvested one million kilos of maize."

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Look out Florida, here they come! Land and food in Venezuela

Last week, the Los Angeles Times gleefully reported that a crowd in Sabaneta, Venezuela, had looted a food warehouse belonging to the state-owned Mercal grocery-store chain.

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Venezuelan Government Announces Offensive Against Paramilitaries

“It is not possible [to accept] the continued massacre of our campesinos ”, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared on August 6, “The chiefs of police must respond to these acts... if they feel incapable they must resign.”

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Feeding Ourselves: Organic Urban Gardens in Caracas, Venezuela

In the middle of the modern, concrete city of Caracas, Venezuela, Noralí Verenzuela is standing in a garden dressed in jeans and work boots. She is the director of the Organopónico Bolivar I, the first urban, organic garden to show its green face in the heart of the city of Caracas, Venezuela.

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