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Analysis: Gender and Sexuality

On Mannequins and Plastic Surgery in Venezuela, Context is Key

(New York Times)

Are Venezolanas really that much more invested in a limited beauty standard than women elsewhere? As a Venezolana myself, I have to say that this article about the trend in ridiculously busty mannequins in Venezuela – and how that both reflects and affects a new-ish plastic-surgeried reality – made me bristle a bit in its ethnocentrism.

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‘‘We are Volcanoes’’: Transgressing the Silence of Motherhood

(referential image -

In Venezuela mothers are at the heart of a reinvention of revolutionary politics. From the election of Chavez as president in 1998, women have been valued and recognised as political subjects.

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Venezuela Promotes Breastfeeding over Baby Food, Corporate Media Spins Out of Control

A Venezuelan public media journalist breastfeeds as she works. Such public breastfeeding is fairly accepted in Venezuela (blog.c

Venezuela’s national assembly is debating a reform to its breastfeeding law which could see baby food companies like Nestle fined in certain situations. The corporate media have reacted hysterically to the law, claiming that President Nicolas Maduro is “taking bottles from babies’ mouths”.

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Venezuela, Chavez, and the Women’s Revolution

Some have argued that Chavez "masculinised" Venezuelan politics, yet women are everywhere to be seen in Venezuela's messy, problematic, beautiful and very joyful revolution.

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Venezuela: Women and the Health of a People

(Jean Araud)

The author examines how in little over ten years the Bolivarian Revolution has not only attended to the population sectors that didn’t have medical services in their communities, but now these sectors are also generating their own doctors.

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Venezuela: The Dangers of a Revolution against a Woman’s Right to Abortion

“I can and must decide about my body, health and life. For our right to decide – safe abortion. 28 September campaign for th

In Venezuela, more people are opposed to abortion than they are to violence in a relationship. 87% of Venezuelans would criticise a 17 year old teenager deciding to get an abortion, a figure which is just slightly less than those who identify as Christian. This is not just a reflection of how strong an influence the Church still has in Venezuela, but also of how small the gains have been for women in this revolution in terms of sexual rights.

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“Now is the time!”: Struggle for Sexual Diversity in Venezuela

Maria Gabriela Blanco (Spronk and Webber)

In this interview, Maria Gabriela Blanco of the Revolutionary Alliance of Sex-Gender Diversity, discusses the building of the sexual diversity movement and the obstacles faced, the meaning of 'socialism' and the importance of the upcoming elections.


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Sexual Diversity Leaders on Marriage, Participation, and Homophobia in Venezuela

Two sexual diversity activists discuss the ups and downs in the Bolivarian revolution in terms of their rights.

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Venezuela’s New Labour Law: Promoting Mutual Parental Responsibility

The rights of fathers were not well supported in the previous labour law (Jesus Castillo).

Venezuelan newspaper Ciudad CCS explores how the country's new Labour Law will improve the labour rights of parents and promote a greater role for fathers in the upbringing of their children.

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Why Do Venezuelan Women Vote for Chavez?

Venezuelan women are at the forefront of the Bolivarian revolution (archive)

If the the international press is to be believed, President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela is a dictator, a menace to the region and is driving his country to the ground.  If that is so, why do his people vote for him in landslide numbers?  Why does he have an enormous following of the women of his country? 

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Interview: Without Socialism, There Can be No True Feminism

Venezuelans celebrating International Women's Day 2012 (archive).

An interview with feminist activist Meglimar Melero from the Insumisas Collective and the Feminist Spider network discussing the feminist movement in Venezuela today.

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Venezuelan Rightwing “Crazy”: Refuses to Recognise the Protagonistic Role of Women in this Revolution

Argentinean activist, Hebe de Bonafini (

“We’re telling the opposition that they are crazy, they haven’t reviewed the figures on the protagonistic role of women, and they haven’t even done their homework in order to be able follow up this line of argument. Women are more present than ever in Hugo Chavez’s government. Furthermore, our Comandante has said that women are at the vanguard, without their participation, there will be no socialist revolution”.

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Chavez’s Inconsistent Feminism

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez met with “Miss World”, Venezuelan Ivian Sarcos last week (AVN)

For a revolutionary who, on various occasions, has happily called himself a feminist, it was a sad and strange moment last week when President Hugo Chavez met with Ivian Sarcos, a Venezuelan model and Miss World 2011.

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Interview with Gioconda Mota: The Fight for Abortion in Venezuela

Feminist activist, Gioconda Mota (

In this important interview, feminist activist Gioconda Mota discusses the state of feminism within Venezuela; the right to free and legal abortion and the contradictions of the Bolivarian process.

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The “Solidarity Economy” in Venezuela: Questions and Answers

A translation of the questions and answers session from the panel: “Solidarity Economy in Latin America: Lessons and Possibilities from Venezuela, Brazil and Cuba", held at the first global PROUT conference in Caracas at the end of July.

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