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Analysis: Culture

Remembering Ali Primera: The People's Singer of Venezuela

Ali Primera. (Archive)

Ryan Mallet pays tribute to revolutionary Venezuelan folk singer Ali Primera on the 31st anniversary of his death, hailing his living legacy as a champion of the oppressed and an icon for today's social movements. 

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Sabino Vive: A New Film by Carlos Azpúrua

Sabino Lives "Too much dignity for too little justice" (Servindi)

On the second anniversary of the brutal assassination of Yukpa leader and revolutionary Sabino Romero, political analyst Chris Gilbert reviews the 2014 film that illustrated Romero’s fierce story of struggle.

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Revolutionary Muralists Fill Venezuela’s Andean Capital with Color and History (+ PHOTOS)

Fuga was created just days after Chavez’s death, when Rodrigo met two other artists and kindred spirits among the millions waiting in line to pay their respects at the socialist leader’s wake in Caracas. It was a time of disbelief and heartache for the majority of Venezuelans- but many, like Rodrigo, hit the ground running, channeling grief into action.

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Accusations of Censorship in Venezuela’s Suena Caracas Music Festival: Public or Private?

Horacio Blanco, the leader of the group Desorden Publico, during Saturday’s performance in the Suena Caracas festival (agencie

Venezuelan free software activist Luigino Bracci addresses accusations that state channel Avila TV “censored” the beginning of a song by an anti-government group which was critical of corruption during the music festival Suena Caracas.

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Venezuela’s Indigenous Mapoyo Language Added to UNESCO Heritage List

Mapoyo leader, Simón Bastidas (AVN)

The inclusion of the Mapoyo language was the only Latin-American proposal included this year.

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The National Assembly of Venezuela Considers Demands of Gay Pride Marchers

 June 29, Pride street party in Caracas. (Arlene Eisen/Venezuelanalysis)

The LGBTI community of Caracas observed the 14th Annual Pride Weekend with at least two separate demonstrations. Despite their disunity, the National Assembly (AN) announced they would debate some of the demands of the LGBTI movement.

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11th Annual World Poetry Festival in Venezuela Pays Homage to Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka (Julian C. Wilson/AP) reporter Arlene speaks to lead participants of the World Poetry Festival happening now in Caracas on the life of Amiri Baraka, revolutionary poet and founder of Black Arts movement in the U.S. Artists recall Baraka's visits to Venezuela and explain the impact his writings had on Latin American revolutionaries.

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In Venezuela, Music Eases Pain of Kids with Cancer

Patients receiving chemotherapy play the maracas at the JM de los Rios pediatric hospital in Caracas on September 26, 2013 (AFP/

Nine-year-old Victoria Alzuru looks earnest and determined and happy as she practices her violin before undergoing chemotherapy. 

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You Probably Didn’t Hear that Venezuela Was Again Ranked the Happiest Country in South America

(Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

Why has there been so little attention to the report – and to Venezuela’s ranking in it, among the U.S. outlets that did cover it? Could it be that the gains in Venezuela over the past decade challenge the conventional wisdom routinely reported in the press that Venezuela is a mess in terms of its economic, politics and security, and which typically presents Venezuelans as unhappy?

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Dontcha Know, We’re Singing a Revolution

Hugo Chavez during the presidential campaign last year (AVN)

Gustavo Marcos Bazan, an Argentinean born Venezuelan, and member of the Latin American music for change movement Cantores de los Sueños del Alba (singers of the dreams of dawn) argues that political music is the “honest” music that helps us to keep fighting for a better world.

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Alternative Education Can Eliminate Corruption

Myriam Anzola (in blue) with the recent alternative pedagogy graduates (Leandro Irion)

Participatory education based on empowering students through their active involvement in their community is an essential tool for fighting corruption in the long term.


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Devaluation, Consumerism, and the Media

Venezuelans wait in line to buy Chinese Haier brand products subsidized by the Venezuelan government

In light of Venezuela’s recent currency devaluation, Venezuelan blogger and technology activist Luigino Bracci Roa argues that a change in attitudes towards consumption and technology is required.

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Cause: A New Social Network of Youth Culture in Venezuela

An event by Hip Hop Revolucion in Caracas, one of the groups supporting Cause, a new network of activists supporting alternative

David Segarra of Cause, a new network supporting alternative youth culture in Venezuela, argues that “While in Chile, Colombia, in Europe there are cuts, and in Spain university tuition fees are being made more expensive and support for cinema is being cut by 35%, here in Venezuela, fortunately, support for culture is growing”.

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In Defense of El Sistema: The Case For Radical Public Arts

Conductor Gustavo Dudamel leads an orchestra in a barrio in Caracas, Venezuela. The 28-year-old is one of El Sistema’s most su

The Bolívar Symphony Orchestra is, along with Dudamel himself, perhaps the most widely revered product of the Fundación Musical Simón Bolívar. Colloquially known as “El Sistema,” and funded entirely by the Venezuelan government the FMSB has over the past 37 years succeeded in its task of training literally hundreds of thousands of kids in classical music and technique.


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Britain's Most Musical Estate? Inspiration from Venezuela's Music Program

Credit: BBC

Four years ago only one child on the Raploch estate in Stirling was learning a musical instrument. There are now 450 kids who are not only playing instruments, but are part of an orchestra. The project was inspired by Venezuela's El Sistema program, and last week worked with Venezuela's Simon Bolivar Symphany Orchestra.

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