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Venezuela: July 16 Opposition "Consultation" Countered by a Chavista Show of Strength


The real news of Sunday was the massive turnou for the official dry run of the Constituent Assembly elections, which was a show of strength for Chavismo.

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Are Venezuela’s Unofficial Referendum Results Credible?

Julio Borges, leader of the opposition-controlled parliament, speaks following an opposition-organized vote to measure public su

The only thing more dubious than the opposition’s unofficial referendum is the media coverage surrounding it.

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Time for the “International Left” to Take a Stand on Venezuela


As Venezuela slides closer to the real threat of civil war, neutrality is no longer an option for the international left.

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The Venezuelan Dilemma: Progressives and the "Plague on Both Your Houses" Position


Steve Ellner calls for critical left support of Chavismo, and rejects the “ni-ni” position.

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Why Can't the US Left Get Venezuela Right?


As Venezuela's fascist-minded oligarchy conspires with U.S. imperialism to overthrow the democratically elected government of Nicolas Maduro, few in the U.S. seem to care.

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In Detail: The Deaths So Far


Venezuelanalysis provides readers with an in-depth and daily updated account of the deaths registered in relation to the violent opposition protests that began on April 4th.

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Pope Francis’ Call for Dialogue In Venezuela Should Be Heeded, to Avoid Civil War

(Russia Today)

Economist Mark Weisbrot argues that talks between the national government and opposition must happen if Venezuela is to avoid a repeat of the civil wars that engulfed Central America in the 1980s.

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The Specter of Fascism in Venezuela

Oscar Perez reads out a statement on a video circulated on Instagram the same day of the attack. (screen shot)

Is the recent violence in Venezuela a sign of fascism to come?

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Luisa Ortega Diaz: A Newly Minted Hero to the International Corporate Media


The corporate media will avoid obvious questions as long as it can provided Ortega remains useful to the US-backed opposition.

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Reinaldo Iturriza: "What Is at Stake Is the Fate of Venezuela’s Revolutionary Democratic Experiment"

Working class unity behind the National Constituent Assembly is the condition for both its success and the survival of the Bolivarian Revolution, argues the former communes minister. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Must Abandon Violent Protests to Deescalate Tensions

A Venezuelan opposition supporter in front of a barricade of smoldering rubble in Altamira, eastern Caracas. (Reuters)

The opposition must end violent protests aimed at ousting the elected Maduro government as a prerequisite for national reconciliation, argues University of Oriente Professor Steve Ellner. 

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Venezuela: Helicopter Attack as Opposition Steps up Campaign to Overthrow Maduro

Police official Oscar Perez is accused of attacking two government buildings from a helicopter on June 27. (Christian Veron/Reut

Things in Venezuela are changing by the day, sometimes by the hour.

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Official Communique: Helicopter Attack is Escalation in Regime Change Campaign


An official communique from the Venezuelan government on the helicopter attack perpetrated against the Supreme Court and Justice Ministry Tuesday evening.

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Down from the Mountain

President Hugo Chávez with residents of the Caracas barrio of Antímano. (Archive)

Hugo Chávez never wavered in his commitment to Venezuela's popular movements, argues historian Greg Grandin in his review of Ignacio Ramonet's new Chávez biography My First Life

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Venezuela Is Under Attack for Asserting That Black Lives Matter

Government supporters shout at opposition protesters in Caracas, Venezuela, April 19, 2017. (Photo: Meridith Kohut / The New Yor

It is precisely because of the Venezuelan government's audacity to stand up against racist US imperialism -- and to unapologetically assert that Black lives matter by empowering poor people of African descent -- that it is under constant assault from the white US ruling class and the international corporate media.

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