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Trump Versus the Venezuelan Revolution

Anti-imperialist march in Caracas on August 14. (AVN)

International leftists must support Venezuelan revolutionaries' efforts to radicalize the Bolivarian process via the National Constituent Assembly, argues Shamus Cooke. 

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UN Human Rights Body Makes an Outlandish Statement on Venezuela

Orlando Figuera is but one of the victims of protester violence. (@TarekWiliamSaab)

According to a United Nations statement that was widely reported by the media today, it is “unclear” if opposition rioters in Venezuela have killed a single person over the past four months.

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Venezuela: Constituent Assembly Starts Work, Opposition Stages Terror Attack


The National Constituent Assembly (ANC) — a body of 545 representatives of different localities, and social movements, labor groups, and indigenous communities which is now the highest legal power in Venezuela — was sworn in on August 4 at a ceremony attended by thousands of jubilant Chavistas who support the Bolivarian revolutionary government.


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We Mustn’t Back Another US-Led Regime Change In Latin America

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro (L), Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain's opposition Labour Party (R). (Reuters)

British MP Chris Williamson is frustrated by the Blairites joining the Tories to use Venezuela for a proxy war on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

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The State of the Left in Latin America: A Disillusioned Revolution in Venezuela

(Jorge Silva/Reuters)

Gabriel Hetland and George Ciccariello-Maher debate the state of the Bolivarian revolution at Left Forum.

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UN Human Rights Report on Venezuela Ignores Opposition Violence

Opposition protestors create barricades to stop flow of pedestrians and cars

Prof. George Ciccariello-Maher of Drexel University analyzes the latest developments in Venezuela, including a new UN human rights report and US sanctions.

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Why Venezuela needs our solidarity

Venezuela solidarity meeting in Melbourne on July 29

It is incumbent on the left to help continue building solidarity with Venezuela to ensure that the current rightist offensive is defeated. What’s at stake is not simply the Maduro government, but the very existence of one of the most important left political forces in the world today.

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What’s Left of the Bolivarian Revolution?

A barrio in Caracas, Venezuela. (Christian Madsen/Wikimedia Commons)

In difficult times, life histories by grassroots Venezuelan activists illuminate valuable lessons from the Bolivarian Revolution, argues Sujatha Fernandes.

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Democracy on Display in Venezuela; "Fake News" on Display in the US


Fake news in the mass media isn't always as simply as out-and-out lies.

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Eyewitness Report: Venezuelans Brave Opposition Violence to Vote


On July 30, Venezuela celebrated the elections for the National Constituent Assembly, despite the road blockades, the besieging of more then 200 electoral centers, bombings and violent protests by sectors of the opposition who called to sabotage this controversial electoral process.

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Venezuela Elections: Resurgent Chavismo and "Unrecognised" Democracy

Voting queues in the Caracas Poliedro, where residents from the neighbourhoods in Eastern Caracas that have been plagued by viol

The Constituent Assembly will not solve everything by itself, but it is a tremendous opportunity to push the Bolivarian Revolution forward.

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Venezuela After the Constituent Assembly Elections, Conciliation or Revolution?

(Prensa Presidencial)

Jorge Martin calls for the Venezuelan grassroots to use the Constituent Assembly as a springboard for deepening the revolution.

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Harsher Sanctions on Venezuela Will Only Worsen the Nation's Crisis

The Trump administration issued tighter sanctions on Venezuela following the National Constituent Assembly elections on Sunday (

The Trump administration extended current economic sanctions against Venezuela last week, adding 13 more Venezuelans to the list of sanctioned individuals. Such sanctions have always been of dubious legitimacy and legality, to put it mildly. 


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Trump Is Not the Venezuelan Supreme Court

US President Donald Trump. (Reuters/Dominick Reuter)

Imperial delusions about Venezuela keep getting worse. 

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In Defense of Venezuela

Hundreds of thousands of Chavistas take part in the close of the campaign for National Constituent Assembly elections in Caracas

Renowned Portuguese intellectual Boaventura Sousa Santos calls on world powers to respect Venezuela's right to solve its current crisis democratically via a National Constituent Assembly. 

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