Keys to Understanding What’s Going On

The reality, already difficult in itself to decipher, is becoming all the more so through the work of the media who, far from being a means of communication, have transformed themselves into veritable cannons in this war that our country is now suffering.


The first key: The oligarchy has a weak leadership. Capriles, we all know, as it has been proven, does not defend the votes; he is afraid of getting deeply involved. They received the orders of the gringo embassy to “not recognize” the result and they have not been able to justify the pretension. It is evident that the ballot-box thing is an excuse, and now they dare to ask for a new election. If the CNE audits all the ballots, they will look for another alibi to continue with their destabilization plans.

Second key: The counterrevolution is not homogeneous. Several different tendencies are united by foreign orders and allowances, by hatred of Chavismo, and a deep disdain for the lowly. They show descrepancies over how to truncate the Revolution, never in the necessity for doing so. They diverge over the timing of aggression, not over aggression itself.

Third key: The Caprilistas have a great contradiction. They want to sail the seas of sensitivity and at the same time they are splashing around in the miasmas of fascist aggression. If Nicolás [Maduro] stands up to them, they’ll run in terror seeking shelter in the Constitution; if they see a sign of weakness in us, they’ll advance.

The most decided ones want to crush us; they have been working for years to stimulate hatred and fear in their base, which is now demanding violent measures. Whoever doesn’t feed the fascist beast with violence runs the risk of losing their lead.

Fourth key: Amid the counterrevolution there is a fight going on for the leadership, which will be decided in the hours to come. The currents are slyly measuring themselves in practice. The destiny of each is in the pots they bang, and in the marches they are able to convoke.

Another key: While this is happening, the social contradictions are continuing to tighten, and the unreality created by the oligarchic media is trying to substitute itself for society.

The TV screen functions as intermediary between the directors and the people. The organization presents itself as an instrument of true communication, so that the masses hypnotized by the screen substitute for organized society, the basis of true human communication: looking each other in the eyes, speaking face to face, receiving a message directly from the leaders. Technology seeks to substitute itself for the genuine communication of the soul.

Social organization is important: Every organism, however small, must be a centre of human coexistence which communicates with other organisms in a manner which transmits and receives information without technological mediation. Communication is a human phenomenon, and technology must only be its supporter.

Now the true communication is confined to small groups. We have returned to tribal communication. Only in an organized society, in socialism, can there be communication.

 Translated by Sabina Becker (original translation at www.sabinabecker.com)