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Opinion and Analysis: Bolivarian Project

In the Absence of Chavez

We have to recognize the possibility that Chavez could be permanently out of the picture. As difficult as that is to do, it is the duty of the political, social and communicational vanguard to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually for the worst, so that we can be ready to confront the immeasurable pain that would befall us, and immediately overcome it in order to take to the streets, to the media, to the microphones and social networks to help raise people’s spirits, project strength, call for unity, and struggle in defence of the Bolivarian Revolution.

In the short term, we would have to face new presidential elections, and our first task would be to keep the people united, to temporarily suspend any internal divergences or divisions, and support with complete solidarity the candidate of Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, and elect him as president.

Without a doubt, all the demons would be revealed, both externally and internally: those that abound in the counterrevolutionary camp, and those that are growing in the heart of the revolution. This would mean the opening of a new period, full of dangers and of new expectations. The solidity of this revolution and the consciousness of the Venezuelan people would be put to the test. If we manage to survive a critical situation like this one the Bolivarian Revolution would shine, like the world’s lighthouse. But if we do not, we would be left with a permanent debt to the people of the world, and our struggle would continue under new and more complicated conditions.

If we achieve the short-term objective of electing Nicolas Maduro to the presidency, we would have to do the following:

Remain faithful to the Bolivarian Constitution that was approved by the people.

Maintain the open democratic nature of our revolution, allowing the existence of a counterrevolutionary opposition with the right to express their opinions and present candidates for the various upcoming elections.

Deepen the debate with the opposition and take it to every corner of the country with the people in the streets in order to contribute to the growth of revolutionary consciousness, and so that Venezuela can be prepared for the great battles to come, given that the counterrevolution will think that the moment has come for them to launch their final counteroffensive.

Avoid the struggle between different political tendencies within the revolution that will unfold in the absence of the leader from becoming a factor of uncontrollable division. We need to process the differences using a method of open debate with massive participation by the people, and allow the people to make the decisions, by electoral methods if necessary.

Continue developing the Socialist Plan 2013-2019 and struggle for greater efficiency in government activities.

Strengthen the development of a real collective control of the Revolution at all levels.

Continue the struggle in all regions and localities through the creation and growth of the communal state.

Prepare ourselves for the people’s war, given that imperialism would increase its pressures and aggressions towards the revolution.

Deepen the development of Latin American integration as a fundamental tool of independence for our people, keeping alive all the institutions and actions taken under Chavez’s leadership

Keep our hearts burning and our minds cold, allowing for creativity and freedom of expression in heart of the revolution, and the willingness for fraternal debate. We need to avoid an attitude of “all or nothing” in the struggle for power that will unfold among the different political and ideological tendencies that are present within the revolution. In the end, we must allow the opinion of the majority to mark our path.

I have written this article after a very hard and painful night. I call on everyone to express themselves openly and recognize the possibility that our great leader may leave us in any moment, so that we can start preparing this place of love that is the revolution, before it is filled with tears.

Our hope is that our dear Chavez may recover and continue living.

With Chavez we will live and we will be victorious.

Long live Chavez!

Translation by Chris Carlson for

Source: Aporrea