Viva Venezuela! New Documentary Released

The British political organization Revolutionary Communist Group has released a new documentary, Viva Venezuela!, about the fight to build socialism in Venezuela and the 2012 elections.


It’s official! Our new documentary about the fight to build socialism in Venezuela and the 2012 elections – Viva Venezuela – is here. Watch it online now by hitting play below:

We must start by saying a big thanks to the people who financially donated to send our docuentary team to Caracas. Now we are able to bring to you the first of two films we have shot in Venezuela this year.

If you have been following this blog you will know fully well that our delegation was reporting from the streets of Caracas covering the elections and writing back with exciting articles and videos.

The strongest message of solidarity we can show Venezuelan people is to fight against the lies and distortions held against Venezuelan socialism by the corporate media in Britain. And together we did that! Through our blog, videos and social media presence, we challenged hacks like The Guardian’s Rory Carroll, and made sure articles from our own independant media were distributed widely.

Latin America is a role model for all socialists worldwide and it’s our job to join them in the fight against capitalism from inside Britain, showing also we understand that to smash imperialism is key to our struggle together.

Our first documentary, Viva Venezuela, covers the exciting and vibrant movement as it builds up for the elections in Venezuela. It follows the crowds as they take to the streets to discuss socialism and fight the lies held against the progressive movement in their country, as well as deepening consciousness amongst and with the people.

Our second documentary is in the making! We promise it will include more indepth interviews, explaining the process deeper and how it connects to the crisis of imperialism and capitalism in Britain.

However, until then, enjoy our documentary and spread it wide! If you would like to show our film with an introduction from one of our delegates from the RCG then get it touch or let us know on Facebook.