Venezuela Should Know: Triumph of the Revolution in South America’s Hands

Buen Abad calls for international solidarity with Venezuela and for messages of support, arguing they are important so that Venezuelans feel even more motivated to vote in the September parliamentary elections.

We need to generate a world communication mobilisation. No one has requested it, but I propose that, on a mass level, we start sending out urgent messages and statements to the revolutionary people of Venezuela.

We can’t go wrong by telling them things, brotherly things, things of fraternal love, things of need or urgent things. For example, “Venezuelans, comrades, your votes also represent us in Bolivia, in Cuba, in Ecuador, in Nicaragua, in Colombia, in Mexico … go out and vote for all of us, go out and triumph once again as you should!”

Expressing international solidarity doesn’t imply ignoring or denying internal debates that could have substantial value but that don’t stop the multiplying of our support or the mobilisation of brother countries.

No one should stay at home; no one should avoid their responsibility to vote for us all, is that so much to ask? [Translator’s note: the author is referring to the importance of voting in the September 26 parliamentary elections].

No one asked me for it, but I feel the need and the urgency (maybe because of impotence) to call on everyone who is able to, to convince them to connect with Venezuela. Convince them to know it and feel it, convince them to understand it and go with it in whatever is necessary. To convince them, at last, to understand how much the Venezuelan revolution is important to us, how much we need it to win and be conclusive. It wouldn’t be bad. We’ll see.

Venezuela has carried out the class struggle at a much higher level, and has been silenced in a thousand ways. It’s almost necessary to thank her aggressors and coup leaders for the diversity of rotten things, the speed and the vileness invested in organising their attacks, because this simplifies our tasks, it saves us effort, and it clarifies the direction of the revolution.

These days it is extremely clear that the Venezuelan revolution benefits all of us (all of the proletariat seeking unity) because it is shortening the distance between the reality that crushes us and the awareness that we require in order to act correctly. The revolutionary people of Venezuela plan to destroy the bourgeoisie. This is a great example, an inspiration, and it’s a magnificent conquest. It’s essential that it is expanded and deepened. Everyone vote.

Let’s see. The commendable achievements of the Venezuelan revolution in terms of health, housing, education, and work…are, among many things, a gift and a school that, in the brief amount of time the revolution has had, have already produced direct and indirect benefits for many peoples and many Latin American comrades (and not just them).

The list is very long, just taking the example of the contribution of the [social] missions, which open eyes by beating illnesses, which open the windows of the soul and of thought.

Let’s see. Venezuelan, with its socialist revolution, has given us the definite certainty that the struggle for dignity leads to the triumph of the deepest and sincerest democratic aspirations of the people. Today Venezuela is about hope and commitment, which encourages many people and wakes the people up. We are indebted to Venezuela for its symbolic strength, its historic wealth, its combative values, and its fighting morale that, despite the regrets… doesn’t lose its course and doesn’t despair.

Let’s see. Venezuela’s figures, even during the worst world economic crisis (caused by capitalism and its perversions) maintain their rhythm of growth and their fundamental programs of revolutionary development.  No European country with the insolence to call themselves “first world” can say (right now) the same thing.

Venezuela has taken firm steps towards a planned economy that is subordinate to collective benefit and towards the subordination of politics to democratic will and social justice. There are tonnes of figures. Very few can claim the same thing.

For these reasons and more, I propose that we take on the task of making it known how much Venezuela is important to us and how vital a conclusive democratic triumph is for us in the upcoming elections. Make it known, in a thousand ways, that we learn from, receive, and appreciate the effort, talent, and revolutionary example.  Make [Venezuelans] know that their triumphs are necessary because they are doing what many can not do . For now.

But it’s about making it known in order to encourage those who are convinced, those who have doubts, and those who aren’t convinced as well.  In order to mobilise a world current that is contagious and that brings out everyone to vote in the upcoming elections. So that they achieve record numbers, so that the rush of people is unprecedented. So that everyone votes and they all vote accompanied fraternally by hundreds of brother peoples, so that they know they are benefiting from and responsible for the rise of the revolution and its spreading worldwide.

So that we manage to speak to the heart of every Venezuelan and also to the thought of every Venezuelan who carries the task of deepening the revolution on their shoulders so that they know how much it’s worth to those of us outside the country and how much their collective and socialist work is important to us.

So that they feel, well, in their hands (at the time of voting), the historic responsibility and the privilege of having the solidarity of millions of souls from around the world.

It’s about opening a space for an internationalist campaign that tells Venezuela the importance of its votes and how much their exemplary triumph in the upcoming elections is important to us in every country.

So send messages, in all the different ways possible, to the Venezuelan people, so they realise how valuable their vote is and that the Venezuelan revolution is an international responsibility.

It’s about finding 1001 ways to make those messages get there, and later to replicate them so they are shown in all the alternative and community media, in teh working class press, the press of the social movements, of the universities… on blogs, web pages, on Twitter… The idea is generate a communication movement that reaches everyone (even those who aren’t decided) so they go out to vote because an entire continent will …also depend on their triumph. Will you help us?

Translated by Tamara Pearson for Venezuelanalysis.com

Source: Rebelion