Fellini’s July 2008 Visit to Hugo Chavez

Traveling from the other world, Federico Fellini is about to pay a visit to Venezuela's Villa del Cine to honor and support President Hugo Chavez's efforts to launch a socialist film renaissance for South America.

The greatest film author and director of the 20th Century, if not of all time, Federico Fellini, left this lunatic planet in 1993 after his last film, "The Voice of the Moon."  Traveling from the other world, Fellini is about to pay a visit to Venezuela's Villa del Cine to honor and support President Hugo Chavez's efforts to launch a socialist film renaissance for South America.

Fellini's political position has always been clear, even if curiously ignored.  He said: "I believe that the transition from individualism to true socialism today, to be persuasive, must be seen as a need of the heart."

That is why Federico Fellini will arrive in Venezuela on July 1st in spirit and, yes, believe it or not, in person, escorted by four members of the Vidali family film team (UNECO Films): Aldo (director), Viktoria (production), Orlando and Lorenzo (camera/post-production) — all with love and humor in their hearts.

In the 1960's, Aldo Vidali collaborated with Maestro Federico Fellini on a dantesque film about a voyage to the other world, a project Federico has not yet completed but is still working on, night after night, in the world of real dreams.  Part of that project is a trans-dimensional experiment based on the ideas of Carl Jung, suggesting that dreams offer direct links with people in the other world.  Aldo communicates with Federico, as agreed, through dreams, but never speaks about it.  However, by Fellini's request and considering the lunacy of our historical moment, the time has come for more Fellinesque dialogue.

Uneco Films will roll cameras in Caracas for the first part of a documentary, exploring the creation of a different world by the Venezuelan people.  The documentary, " A Different World Is Possible," will be guided by two important books on Venezuela: the first by Gregory Wilpert, Changing Venezuela by Taking Power (highly praised by Noam Chomsky), a deep analysis of the Bolivarian revolution; and the second, an explosive book by Eva Golinger, The Chavez Code, a shocking exposé on the secret war of intervention being waged by the U.S. government to unseat Hugo Chavez.  Her book reveals the same dirty covert actions against Chavez as were orchestrated in Chile by Henry Kissinger and the CIA, leading to the 1973 murder of democratically elected President Salvador Allende, in collusion with much of the worldwide press.  Fortunately, in the case of Hugo Chavez, the April 2002 coup against him failed.   

Some may ask: What do Hugo Chavez and Federico Fellini have in common?  A great deal.  Both men are outspoken socialists.  Both described socialism as "love of the people."  Like Chavez, Fellini (who is also known in Italy as "Il Mago," "The Magician") unmasks the falsity of ruling class hegemony as explained by Antonio Gramsci.  Through cine-magia, Fellini reveals the corruption, hypocrisy, and stupidity of the capitalist system.  Hugo does the same with great charisma.  In spite of media lies about him, Chavez' popularity is fast growing to historic proportions.  Fellini's fame, in turn, has became so universal that it is now part of international language, especially when describing the grotesque corruption of La Dolce Vita in this time of immense human suffering at the hands of imperial militarism and corporate greed.  

Capitalists have ignored the strong socialist views of Fellini, just as they now ignore the promise of participatory democracy and the magnificent Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, a document recognized by serious political minds as one of the most advanced and progressive constitutions on the planet.

"A Different World Is Possible" will seek to clarify what Socialism of the 21st Century means, not only to South America but to all of humanity, as new generations struggle out of the capitalist cocoon to give birth to a different world.

Aldo Vidali last directed Sean Penn in "Deflating The Elephant" (not yet released), an educational work on University of California, Berkeley Linguistics Professor George Lakoff's science of verbal framing

For further information about "A Different World Is Possible," please contact Mr. Vidali by email at: [email protected].