Will the US Invade Venezuela Before Or After Bombing Iran?

This is actually the only question. The Venezuelan invasion is only a matter of time and the right time will be determined by necessity. It is no secret that the U.S. has its sights set on Venezuela.

This is actually the only question. The Venezuelan invasion is only a matter of time and the right time will be determined by necessity. It is no secret that the U.S. has its sights set on Venezuela and if you are living in America you would understand why Chavez and his best friend Castro of Cuba should be eliminated according to the American people, Congress, and the White House.

Fidel Castro has always been the boogey man on the American door step and now Chavez is guilty of the same crimes which Castro has been accused of for most Americans’ lifetimes, simply by his close association. The government mouthpieces, the mainstream media, and talk radio programs explain it in-depth to the American people every single day. There are very few atrocities and evil doings that these two so-called communist dictators are not accused of on a daily basis. The misinformation and propaganda campaign against Chavez is not limited to the mainstream media, it is evident everywhere. Websites, blogs, so called independent media, street corners, bars, restaurants, vacation spots, offices and businesses where any small group of American flag wavers gather to talk politics. Castro is old and sick and Americans have decided he is no longer a threat. Americans are content to wait for him to die of natural causes. Saddam Hussein is dead and no longer a threat. Even Osama Bin Laden is more of a mythical figure than a real threat these days. He is old news and people are sick of hearing about him but they need someone to hate and be terrorized by so…. Chavez is the new boogey man for Americans.

Why would the U.S. government go to such lengths to discredit Chavez when he is a democratically elected President who is more popular to his own people and to people of other countries than any president or leader in the history of the world? And why on earth would the U.S. invade a country doing so well and so happy with their elected leader? But the big question for most of you is why the American people would stand idly by and allow George W. Bush–probably the most hated man on earth to perpetrate these lies and scams on themselves and the world–to do so. I hope to be able to answer these questions in the following paragraphs.

The first thing you must understand is that the U.S. is highly involved in everything happening in the world and for only one reason, to protect American interest and National Security. To define American interest and National security is not that hard. It simply means to make sure that America has control of all the resources worldwide needed to live the extravagant lifestyles they are accustomed to and to militarily crush anyone who threatens their political and economic and religious superiority.

This means controlling the world oil supply. Remember I said ”controlling”, not owning or using. The word controlling will become very important in your understanding this article.

Iraq was invaded after a prolonged massive mainstream media campaign by the U.S. government designed to convince the American people that Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical dictator mistreating Iraqi citizens, torturing and killing innocent civilians on a whim for his own pleasure, and developing ”WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION”, to use against America and its neighbors in the middle east. The American people allowed and even applauded the illegal invasion of Iraq to bring democracy and freedom to the poor abused Iraqi people and to stop Saddam from bringing his evil plans to America. We now know this was a lie; they were all lies but nonetheless almost 200,000 American troops are still in Iraq five years later. 665,000 innocent Iraqi citizens have died and over 2,000,000 are living in exile in neighboring countries. Around 3,500 U.S. military are dead and over 30,000 wounded and now disabled. But America now has the Iraqi oil they needed, right? Maybe not.

There is still no agreement signed in Iraq giving the U.S. any rights to the oil and in the past 5 years the U.S. has exported relatively small amounts of oil from Iraq due to insurgents and terrorist, (also know as Iraqi freedom fighters), blowing up oil rigs and pipe lines faster than the U.S. can repair them. The reality of the situation is that the U.S. will never be able to extract enough oil from Iraq to justify the expense of this war so the question is why would they continue and what is the real goal?

If you watch the mainstream news you will notice that almost every day the situation in Iraq is getting worse, also Palestine is in total chaos due to Hamas, which is a democratically elected government, now designated by the U.S. as a terrorist organization simply because Hamas does not agree with the U.S. policy of illegally invading sovereign countries, killing their citizens, and stealing their resources. We also see another war raging in Lebanon. Afghanistan is in shambles with the situation worsening every week. Turkey is now pushing into northern Iraq with their military and every country in the Middle East has their own military on red alert waiting for the whole situation to explode into a regional war. What most people don’t realize or care to recognize is the fact that the U.S. is promoting this, not trying to stop it. Why would they do this?

The answer is very simple actually. The U.S. needs to expand its presence, influence, and control over the Middle East for several reasons and the only way to accomplish this is to first create or cause a war, complete with human suffering, death, destruction and genocide which allows the U.S. to intervene in the name of democracy, freedom and justice. The first reason being the oil wealth which lies in the Middle East. The U.S. needs to control that oil, where it goes and who has access to it. If you control the Middle East oil, you control the world. The second reason is that the U.S. needs more military presence in the area because of the close proximity to China and Russia. President Bush has re-kindled the flames of the cold war and military bases close to Russia and China give them a strategic advantage in the case of a major conflict. Also, if the U.S. does not control the Middle East, someone else will and this would leave the U.S. at a disadvantage politically, economically and militarily on the world stage. I think everyone already knows the U.S. is not going to take second place in anything regardless of how many innocent people have to die to prove it.

Another little known and less publicized reason for controlling the Middle East is the plan of the oil producing countries to create an agreement called an ”oil bourse,” which is nothing more than an oil exchange that will depart from the old accepted method of payment for oil, which is in U.S. dollars. The new oil bourse will agree to only sell oil to countries that pay in Euros, Pounds, or currency other than U.S. dollars. This oil bourse has already been created and signed by many oil producing countries including Venezuela. The problem with implementing the plan is simply that it can not be done all at once because the only thing keeping the U.S. dollar from de-valuing to zero is the fact that all countries need U.S. dollars to pay for their oil as it is now the only accepted currency. Changing over to only accepting Euros or any other currency would cause the dollar to collapse, causing the U.S. stock market and economy to collapse followed by the rest of the countries who hold U.S. investments which is all industrialized nations worldwide. The plan of the Middle East, China, Russia, Venezuela, and most other sovereign nations that are tired of the U.S. supremacy and arrogance is to kill the U.S. economically as there is no chance to do it militarily. All nations are in the process of slowly selling off American assets and investments, a process that if done over a period of a few years will someday allow total independence from U.S. dollars. They believe this slow process will eventually break the U.S. economy without causing the economy of the entire world to collapse. The fact that the oil bourse idea was created and is being implemented by Iran is not sitting well with the American government and allowing Iran to complete this plan is not an option. If the U.S. can control the world oil supply it can also control which currency is used to buy oil therefore eliminating the possibility of other countries trying to kill the U.S. economically. The U.S. is in a position now of being on a path of no return. They either win it all or lose it all soon and even the possibility of causing WW3 is a risk they must take.

Now you have a general understanding of the basic plans of the U.S., but what is the only thing standing in their way of accomplishing the plan to control the Middle East? If you guessed IRAN, you are correct. Iran is not only in a strategic location, next door to Israel, which is the U.S.’s main base of operation in the area, but it also controls the strait of Hormuz, which is the only route possible for oil from all Middle East countries to pass through to any area of the world. Also, Iran is being used by Russia and China to fight a proxy war in the Middle East for the same control the U.S. is trying to establish. Iran is the Russian and Chinese base of operations, just as Israel is the base for the U.S.  Eliminating Iran or at least the government of Iran is absolutely essential for the U.S. to gain control in the area. How would the elimination of Iran begin and take place?

The first part of the war with Iran has already taken place, it was the invasion of Iraq and establishment of a U.S. base of operation there from which the other conflicts in the area could be orchestrated allowing the U.S. to build a case against Iran, which is the second part of the plan and is in full swing as you are reading this. If you turn on your TV. to any news channel, tune your car radio to any talk radio program or pick up any American newspaper you will not only be told of the horrors of war in the places I already mentioned but in every case it is all being blamed on Iran. As Bush explains it, without Iran causing all the problems and building nuclear weapons to destroy Israel, the U.S. could create peace and democracy in all the Middle East within a matter of a few months and do what the American people want most, which is to bring the troops home and end the war. What next?

The American people are getting tired of their economy going down the drain and have pretty much put the blame on President Bush but with careful manipulation of the press and sufficient bombardment of the same message from every source Bush will ultimately convince the American people that all their problems are being caused by Amadinejad, President of Iran, and the only way for America to win and prosper is to eliminate the problem. What does the U.S. government see as the consequences of attacking Iran and why has it not already been done?

First of all Iran is a huge country with a military much stronger than Germany and Japan combined during WW2. They have over a million combat troops who are the best trained in the world with equipment which rivals the U.S. The U.S. only has around 300,000 ground troops, most of which are already bogged down in Iraq. Iran probably had nuclear weapons as well as chemical and biological weapons bought from the Russians and Chinese. Iran also claims to have over 400,000 people signed up and trained for suicide bombing missions already spread out across Europe and in the states. They have always said that if attacked they will close the Strait of Hormuz to any oil barges leaving the Middle East and have stationed over 1,000 high speed boats in the strait to back up the threat, plus extremely accurate Russian made rockets which may number in the tens of thousands aimed at the area. Things are starting to get more complicated now but the U.S. still plans to attack so where is plan ‘B’?

With a straight invasion like that in Iraq seemingly impossible the U.S. has plan ”B” fully organized, almost. First the CIA needs to do its job, which is to create as much civil unrest within Iran as possible, discrediting the leaders and getting things ready for a regime change and this is underway at this time. Also the attack will need to be played out with air strikes, possibly NUCLEAR WEAPONS to create an effect in Iran and the entire Middle East which the U.S. military calls ”SHOCK and AWE”. Thousands of analysts from every sector, political, military, scientific, and religious all have serious doubts that this plan will accomplish the goal but all agree that the oil supply to most of the world and specially the U.S. will be shut down for an extended period of time. Even a three week shutdown of Middle East oil will cause oil priced to double in the beginning, triple and quadruple within weeks, causing the U.S. economy to completely collapse and most of the world to follow suit. How can Iran be attacked and still guarantee a reliable oil supply for the U.S.?

Venezuela is the only answer to America’s problems with conquering the Middle East. Venezuela has the biggest supply of crude oil ever discovered, said to be as much as all the Middle East countries combined. Venezuela has a democratically elected popular president but is causing problems for the U.S. all across the region; President Chavez is aligning himself with communist countries like Cuba, North Korea, China and specially Iran. He has called President Bush every name possible, openly said he will back Iran in a war with the U.S., and is buying billions of dollars worth of military equipment from Russia. He is on the verge of being declared a terrorist and Venezuela a state sponsoring terrorism by the U.S. The mainstream media and even the independent media is painting him as another Fidel Castro who is leading Venezuela and all of Latin America into communism and anti-Americanism, posing a great danger to the world.

It is no secret that the U.S. already attempted a coup and regime change in 2002 which failed but they have not given up. The CIA is busy organizing the opposition in Venezuela while the press is building the case for Bush to invade Venezuela when it becomes necessary. A normal invasion with landing craft on the beaches and troops fighting their way to the capitol city will not happen but the U.S. takeover of Venezuela is eminent.

I have heard it said that other countries who are friends of Venezuela, like China, Russia and neighboring Latin American countries would not allow the U.S. to take over Venezuela but these views are absolutely false and if you have been paying attention to what I already said, you can easily figure out why Venezuela will receive no help from anyone in the event of a conflict with the U.S. Every country in the world depends on the U.S. dollar remaining stable and no country will destroy it’s own economy by allowing the U.S. economy to freefall before it is time. Keeping the other major countries dependent on the U.S. is what allows them to do anything to anyone with complete immunity and no country will be willing to commit economic suicide to help Venezuela.

When the assassination of Chavez happens or the CIA and opposition create a civil war, revolution, or coup, there will be sufficient reason for the U.N. to approve a U.S. led peacekeeping force in the name of freedom and democracy. The peacekeeping force–U.S. Marines–will do exactly as they did in Iraq, topple the Chavez government and replace it with their own leaders, secure the oil fields and other necessary infrastructure and leave the Venezuelan people to kill each other off.

This will all happen when the timing is right and it is necessary to protect American interest and mainstream Americans will watch it all on CNN and Fox News from the comfort of their pool or Jacuzzi while watching the big screen TV. and applauding President Bush for once again saving them from communist dictators like Chavez and the dangerous terrorists he is training, the Venezuelan people.

Let us access the situation Venezuela is in.

1. America is dedicated to protecting its supremacy in the world militarily, politically and economically and will do whatever is necessary to further that goal.

2. Controlling the world oil supply is necessary.

3. Creating regional war in the Middle East is necessary but will most likely cause the oil supply to be disrupted for an indefinite period of time causing economic collapse.

4. Venezuela is the only country which has the vast supply of oil America needs to maintain itself during the imminent regional Middle East war which could last for years, even decades.

5. American military sees an invasion of Venezuela as more of an exercise than a worthy adversary, with a relatively small military operating with out dated equipment. Sort of like taking candy from a baby.

Will this happen before or after the Iran bombing? There is no way to know exactly as anything can happen at any time to change the plans but one thing is for certain…When Iran is bombed as it will be, Chavez will turn off American oil supply and that will be all that is necessary for Bush to invade Venezuela and once again get away with invading a sovereign nation, stealing it’s resources, killing it’s people, and proclaiming another mission accomplished in the ”War on Terror”.

By The Corruption Crusaders 2007