International Accompaniment Reports for Venezuela’s November ‘Mega-elections’

We bring you a collection of international observer findings.


More than 300 international observers accompanied Venezuela’s November 21 regional and local elections, in which more than 3,000 offices were elected by over 21 million people.

Here we bring you a collection of the international reports from the different delegations overseeing the process.

  • The European Union (EU) sent a 136-strong team which was in Venezuela for the entire campaigning period and on election day itself. It was the first time that the EU oversaw elections in the country since 2005. Read its preliminary report here.

  • The prestigious Carter Center sent a 6-person mission and also published a preliminary report here.

  • The US-based National Lawyers Guild sent an eight-person team. Read its report here.

  • The Permanent Conference of Latin American and Caribbean Political Parties (COPPPAL) sent 27 observers. Read its report here (in Spanish).

  • The Latin American Parliament (Parlasur) sent a seven-member mission. Read its preliminary report here (in Spanish).

Other missions, including the United Nations, Council of Latin American Electoral Experts (CEELA) and the Network in Defense of Humanity are yet to publish their findings. Many, however, offered declarations to the press and endorsed the transparency and reliability of election day.