What Is Going on in Venezuela? Testimonies on the Ongoing Coup

VA brings you a collation of local voices opposing US-efforts to topple the government.


Events of January 23 sparked the beginning of a US-led attempt at a coup d’etat in Venezuela. 

Evidence has since come to light to show that the White House and local hard-right groups had been planning it well in advance, and that the coup was discussed with numerous governments in the region, including Brazil and Colombia.

The objective? Remove the elected president Nicolas Maduro and replace him with Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself “interim president” on January 23 and promises to be more sympathetic to US interests in the region.

Since, patriotic and revolutionary forces in Venezuela have been mobilising to firstly defend national sovereignty and the country’s right to self-determination in the face of the illegal imperialist intervention, but also to prepare themselves for future battles.

Mainstream media, which frequently loops images of opposition supporters, often overlooks such groups and activites. 

As such, VA brings you a collation of grassroots statements, voices, and pictures of Venezuelans voicing their rejection of the US-led coup.