World Peace Council President on Military Intervention by OAS in Venezuela

"Against the threats to Venezuela, we reject the suggestion of military intervention by the Secretary General of the OAS."


With revolt and indignation we once again denounce the threats against Bolivarian and sovereign Venezuela, this time coming from the Organization of American States (OAS) platform. On Sunday (16), the Secretary General of this institution servile to US imperialism, Luis Almagro, echoing the criminal statement of US President Donald Trump, said that the “military option” against the government of President Nicolas Maduro should not be ruled out.

The World Peace Council and various democratic forces around the world repudiated Trump’s threats and repeatedly expressed their resolute opposition to the harassment coordinated between various governments of the region serving US imperialism against Venezuela that is creating the atmosphere of war between brother countries.

That Almagro made similar declarations to Trump’s statements from Colombia, where he was visiting, and representing the OAS, shows how the concerns behind such an outrageous, interferential, aggressive and irresponsible suggestion of a “military option” are contrary the promotion of peace or dialogue. His obsession was evident when the secretary general said that he will not rest until Maduro’s Government is overthrown, a government legitimately elected by its people.

As usual, in other interventions that destroy countries and victimize peoples in so many regions, Almagro claimed that such aggression would be justified to counteract “human rights violations”, using banners so dear to progressive forces. However they are anything other than pretexts for the empire in its devastating invasions or the promotion of coups for the establishment of dictatorships or subservient regimes, of which millions have fallen victim in so recent a history in the region.

The Colombian government has faithfully served the United States, intensifying its antagonism against the Venezuelan government, in addition to other governments that serve US imperialism, which have united to attack Bolivarian Venezuela by all means. Such means include media and financial wars, attempts to isolate, defame, destabilize and foment internal crises to ignite an animosity and bring the government down.

But the Venezuelan people resist! They insist, bravely, in the defense of popular and national sovereignty, democracy and the commitment to social justice that marks the Bolivarian Revolution. Hence the desperation of the reactionary forces and the unpatriotic and antidemocratic national oligarchy, which call for more and more extreme aggressions.

The World Peace Council and all progressive and democratic forces strengthen their solidarity with the Venezuelan people and denounce the attempt to promote war in Latin America.

For sovereignty and peace, for the end of interference and aggression against the Venezuelan people! Hands off Venezuela!

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect those of the Venezuelanalysis editorial staff.