Tricontinental Dossier: The People of Venezuela Go to Vote

This dossier looks at what is at stake in the May 20 elections, with an overview of the national and regional context.


The Venezuelan people will go to the polling stations across the country on Sunday, May 20.  This dossier looks at what is at stake in these elections. We provide an overview of the regional and national context in which the elections will take place. We also explore the forms and consequences that the United States intervention has had in Venezuela and the characteristics of the “unconventional war” and the military and economic siege. Lastly, this dossier looks at the experiences, tensions, and alternatives that have developed in the past and that characterize today’s Bolivarian revolution and perspectives towards the future. 

Get the dossier here: www.thetricontinental.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/180509_Dossier_4_EN_Final_Web.pdf