Venezuela: EU Bows to Trump with New Sanctions

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry says that the European Union's recent sanctioning of seven top government officials proves that the body is beholden to US interests. 


The Bolivarian Government of Venezuela emphatically rejects the restrictive measures imposed against seven of our country’s senior officials in an illegal and unilateral manner by the European Union, adopted today by the Council of Foreign Affairs in Brussels. These shameful actions violate the fundamental precepts of the United Nations Charter and attempt to exercise a vulgar interference in our country’s internal affairs.

Today the European Union once again offers irrefutable proof of its obvious subordination to the racist and supremacist government of Donald Trump. These decisions evidence an erratic and interventionist policy towards our country, which inevitably recalls the long overcome colonialist maneuvers of ancient empires, expelled from Our America 200 years ago by the courage and emancipatory will of our peoples. 

This obsessive conduct towards Venezuela brings the European Union to infringe on its own foundational principles, making itself into an instrument in the service of the imperialist ambitions of the US government, transgressing the most basic norms of International Law and threatening the stability of our country.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela urges the European Union to respect the sovereignty of its legitimately constituted institutions and demands the immediate end to hostile policies against our Homeland. Venezuela reserves the right to take necessary actions to defend the dignity of our people in the face of imperialist aggressions and to protect our democracy, sovereignty, and sacred independence.