Venezuela Rejects “Interventionist” Statement by US Southern Command Chief

Venezuela denounces a recent report by US Southern Command chief Admiral Kurt W. Kidd labeling the South American country a "destabilizing" force in the region. 


The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela categorically rejects and protests the comments expressed by Admiral Kurt Tidd, commander of the United States Southern Command, which lay the groundwork for an attack on Venezuela under the aegis of the false doctrine of collective regional security. 

On Thursday, April 6 2017, Admiral Kurt Tidd declared that: “…The growing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela could eventually compel a regional response”. This affirmation, aimed at creating uncertainty and instability in the country, is framed within the interventionist order of a group of governments that are harassing and relentlessly hounding Venezuela through the construction of false assumptions accompanied by operations in the media and fraudulent processes within the framework of the Organization of American States (OAS). 

This is nothing new. This is exactly the same script that has been repeated by the spokespeople and regional executioners of the interventionist plan against Venezuela to justify their avaricious ambitions with regards to our resources, seriously threatening the peace of our homeland. 

Just as his predecessor John Kelly, who at the end of 2015 voiced false opinions about the political, economic and social situation of the country, which without a doubt formed part of the well-known script for interference and provocation to justify, in the name of humanitarian reasons and the subterfuge of a “regional response”, a future military intervention in our territory whose real objective is simply to overthrow the legitimately elected government. 

It is particularly worrying that such declarations are being made in this moment, when a ferocious international attack is being carried out against Venezuela through the General Secretary of the OAS and a cohort of countries allied to the US government, which undoubtedly form part of the same plan under development to dominate our people. 

We alert the international community to the plan which is underway to undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Venezuela, contravening the United Nations’ Charter and its principles and aims. This is a call to the peoples of Our America in the face of these serious occurrences against our country. 

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela rejects this latest act of interference, which is against the principle of the self-determination of the people, and ratifies its unshakeable commitment to the institutions of the Bolivarian Republic to defend its liberty, sovereignty and the independence of the nation, as part of the historic legacy of our liberators.

Caracas, April 7th, 2017