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Legislator for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Pedro Carreño, filed the challenge against Ortega last Friday. (AVN)

Venezuela’s Supreme Court Admits Legal Request to Impeach Attorney General

The Supreme Court has officially accepted a legal request filed by Venezuelan legislator Pedro Carreño, asking the body to assess the possibility of bringing impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Luisa Ortega.


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Opinion & Analysis

Human Rights Watch Americas Director, Jose Miguel Vivanco. (archives)

HRW Thinks Brazil Can Help Venezuela With Human Rights

For anyone who still believes Human Rights Watch is an actual human rights group, its Americas director Jose Miguel Vivanco is trying really hard to prove you wrong.

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Saturday's Unrest: Guarimba Violence vs. Chavista Salsa Therapy - This weekend, Venezuela witnessed two distinct mobilizations: one peacefully favoring the Bolivarian process and the other, bent on its demise, taking to the streets in violent protest.