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Help keep us is one of the few English alternative news sites dedicated specifically to Venezuela and with contextualised, in-depth and on-the-ground news updated daily. We also provide analysis on social and political developments in Venezuela’s “Bolivarian Revolution.”

In our six years of existence we have covered Venezuela’s many electoral contests, its social movements, domestic and foreign policy initiatives, economic indicators, experiments in grassroots democracy, labour and environmental issues, opposition and media efforts to discredit and destabilize the Bolivarian Process, as well as breaking news, among many other topics.

During this time we have managed to steadily increase our readership, so that now over 40,000 people (“unique visitors,” according to Google Analytics) visit the site per month. Also, we have steadily expanded our service, so that now we not only offer news, analysis, and opinion articles, but also audio news, e-books, extensive links, a basic facts section, reader comments, RSS feeds, and more.

However, is a small independent operation that currently sustains a few Venezuelan-based reporters in addition to relying on volunteers. We would like to continue, and if possible expand on, this very valuable reportage from the heart of the movement for progressive change in Latin America.

As you may know, in February 2009 we lost nearly all of our funding due to the world financial crisis. Since then, many regular readers and researchers have signed on as sustainers, and are contributing several hundred dollars per month. However, we will not be able to continue operating past December unless more of you who can give small donations on a regular basis do so now. This is particularly important given that the usual donor sources, such as foundations and so-called “major donors” are giving less than ever.

Our goal is to attain a regular income of about $2,000 per month in order to continue all our daily services. This means we need merely 200 sustainers at $10 per month or 20 sustainers at $100 per month, or some combination of the two. Surely this should be possible with the over 40,000 people who use the site every month.

So, if you are not among those who have become unemployed recently and if you can afford to support venezuelanalysis, then please consider contributing a one-off donation or a monthly sustainer contribution of US$100, $50, $20, $10, or $5 per month. Since these donations go through Paypal, we do not keep or manage your credit card information at all. The transaction is completely secure.

In the context of increased U.S. hostility towards Venezuela’s Bolivarian Process and the growing militarization of the region, in addition to the corporate media campaign against Venezuela, we believe it is vital to continue providing independent, accurate reporting on developments in Venezuela.

For those of you who are based in the U.S., we are in the process of acquiring tax-exempt status. But as long as we do not have this status, for now, donations to are not tax-deductible.

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“Never has a country, its people, its politics, its leader, its myths and truths been so misreported and lied about as Venezuela in the past decade. Not only has Venezuelanalysis done much to correct this with its scrupulous attention to facts, both obvious and concealed, it has opened up a unique space for genuine critique of one of the world’s most imaginative popular movements. I can’t think of another website on the web more deserving of support.”

John Pilger – Documentary Filmmaker (“War on Democracy”) and author of Freedom Next Time (Bantam, 2006)

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“Venezuelanalysis is an invaluable source of information, a tribune of independent analysis and honest reporting.”

Greg Grandin, History Professor, New York University and author of Empire’s Workshop (Metropolitan Books, 2006)

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“Among other things, Venezuelanalysis is a superb tool for teaching! Students need the access it provides to English-language reports that are fresh, independent and give insight into what ordinary Venezuelans, not just government and opposition leaders are saying and doing.”

Daniel Hellinger – Professor of Political Science, Webster University, and co-editor of Venezuelan Politics in the Chavez Era (Lynne Rienner, 2003)

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“Venezuelanalysis is a refreshing corrective to the one-sided reporting in the establishment media on Venezuela. While sympathetic to the interesting and novel developments taking place in Venezuela, Venezuelanalysis is hardly a mouthpiece for the Chávez government.

The kind of objective and critical analysis found on its pages is especially important given the current ideological vacuum at the world level. There is a lack of credible proposals for transformation at a time when the old system is becoming increasingly discredited. Only the right in the United States seems to be clear about what it wants. It is thus of paramount importance that the experimental path that Venezuela is currently going down be objectively reported upon and analyzed.

Venezuelanalysis publishes nuanced articles on internal developments in Venezuela, but not so with regard to international relations. With the activation of the U.S. Fourth Fleet last year (without consulting any Latin American nation), the U.S. decision the following year to utilize seven bases in Colombia, as well as the escalation of the war in Afghanistan (including the mass use of drones) at a time when withdrawal from Iraq is highly incomplete, there is little doubt as to who represents the greatest threat to world peace. Venezuelanalysis provides important information on this front as well, as it applies to Latin America. In short, Venezuelanalysis offers useful detail and analysis on pivotal issues that is unavailable from other media sources.”

Steve Ellner – Professor at the Universidad de Oriente and the Misión Sucre, Author of Rethinking Venezuelan Politics: Class, Conflict and the Chávez Phenomenon (Lynne Rienner Publishers, 2008)

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“Venezuela Analysis is my primary source on all things Venezuela. When people ask where to look for information and analysis about Venezuela, I point to it first, second, and third. Why? Because the writers and editors are incredibly well informed and eloquent, have their eye, ears, and minds situated amidst the events, and because the reporting and analysis is biased in the best way possible – it unabashedly takes the side of the country’s poor, whether this means being in support of or critical of government policies.”

Michael Albert – Co-founder, ZNet and author of Parecon: Life After Capitalism (Verso Books, 2003)

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“Venezuelanalysis is a vital source of sensible information about Venezuela and the new developments in Latin America, at a time of intense propaganda and corporate media lies.”

Dr. Tim Anderson – Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Sydney

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“Around the world the private media dominates the airwaves, the press, the internet, depriving people of their own voice and popular expression. Internationally and internally there is a big campaign of private media lies against our revolutionary Bolivarian process, against our president and against the Venezuelan people. We are struggling against imperialist domination, for sovereignty, for control over our own resources, for control over our own destinies and to break the logic of exploitation of the capitalist system. I want to congratulate for reflecting the reality of our struggle.”

Gonzalo Gómez – journalist, co-founder


As a special short-term offer, and thanks to some of our supporters, we are offering one of the following books or DVD if you make a one-off donation of $100 or more, or become a monthly sustainer of $25 or more:

  • Venezuela & the New Latin America (Ocean Books) – In this extraordinary encounter, Chávez is interviewed by Aleida Guevara, the daughter of the legendary revolutionary Che Guevara.
  • Beyond Elections, by Michael Fox & Sílvia Leindecker – This new feature length documentary film is a journey across the Americas – from Venezuela’s Communal Councils, to Brazil’s Participatory Budgeting, from Constitutional Assemblies to grassroots movements, recuperated factories to cooperatives. It attempts to answer one of the most important questions of our time: What is Democracy?
  • Changing Venezuela by Taking Power, by Gregory Wilpert – In this rich and resourceful study, Greg Wilpert exposes the self-serving logic behind much middle-class opposition to Venezuela’s elected leader, and explains the real reason for their alarm. In the book, Wilpert argues that the Chávez government has instituted one of the world’s most progressive constitutions, but warns that they have yet to overcome the dangerous spectres of the country’s past.

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