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Chávez Replaces Three Cabinet Ministers with Long-Time Allies

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez replaced three of his cabinet ministers, filling two of the posts with allies who lost their bids for governor and mayor in regional and local elections two weeks ago.

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Next Step is Strengthening Venezuela’s Communes, says Chávez

The community of Los Curos, Merida, have already started planning how to turn their communal councils into one commune. (Tamara Pearson/
With the regional elections over now and ten years since Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was first elected, the president promoted the construction of participatory democratic communes as the main element in the next stage of the revolution.

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Venezuelans Rally in Caracas to Celebrate 10 Years of Chávez’s Presidency

Venezuela's President Chavez

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans flooded Caracas on Saturday, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of President Hugo Chavez's election.

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Venezuelan Parliament to Approve Referendum on Presidential Term Limit

President Hugo Chavez announced the PSUV's decision to introduce the amendment through the National Assembly Friday night. (VTV)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez proclaimed Friday night that a national referendum on whether to amend the national constitution to abolish presidential term limits should take place no later than February of next year.

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“To Stop the Advance of the Right, We Must Strengthen People’s Power”

Gonzalo Gómez
What do the results of Venezuelan elections mean for the future of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), the rural and urban sectors of the country, the community councils, the right-wing and radical wing within the pro-Chávez camp, and democracy in Venezuela? asked Gonzalo Gómez, a leader of the PSUV.

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Foreign Intervention Won The Venezuelan Elections

Years of work by U.S. and other non-Venezuelan NGOs to penetrate communities and finance "democracy" programs and projects with an anti-socialist vision in select communities allowed the opposition to retake control of these areas.

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Venezuela's Regional Elections: An Indication for Change or Continuation?

Ten years of the same government may have aroused a sense of ‘Chávez fatigue' for some voters. At the same time, democratic developments in society have helped the PSUV maintain its strong support base.

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Venezuelan Elections: A Victory for the PSUV, A Warning for the Revolution

It is not only that many of the daily problems of Venezuelan working people have not been solved. Added to that we have the fact that in many occasions, when workers and the poor take the initiative, through direct action, to solve them in an organised way, they are faced with the demoralising wall of the bureaucracy, inefficiency and corruption.

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Chávez Encourages Party to Propose Amendment for his Re-Election

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez with Jorge Rodriguez, the newly elected Mayor of Libertador municipality, the largest municipality of Caracas, during his swearing in ceremony. (PP/Francisco Batista)
Following the recent attacks on the social programs by opposition supporters, the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, changed his position and encouraged the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) leadership to campaign for a constitutional change that would allow for his re-election.

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The Significance of Venezuela's Election Results and the New Struggles

Supporters and opponents of Venezuela’s Bolivarian revolution have come out with differing assessments post the November 23 regional elections, which Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez had defined as the most important electoral contest yet for the process of change.

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