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Chavez-Obama Meeting at Summit Relaunches US-Venezuela Relations

Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Barack Obama talk cordially at the end of the V Summit of the Americas.

The Summit of the Americas served as scenario for the first Obama-Chavez meeting and a relauncing of relations between the US and Venezuela.

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Venezuela Transfers Some States’ Highways and Bridges to National Government

On Friday, the Venezuelan National Assembly authorized the transfer of administrative authority over the highways, bridges, and public roadways in the Capital District of Caracas and the states of Delta Amacuro, Zulia, and Vargas to the Public Works and Housing Ministry.

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Venezuelan President Designates New Caracas Head and Communications Minister

Jacqueline Faria, new head of state of the Capital District (YVKE Archive)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has named Jacqueline Faría as the head of state of the newly created Capital District, and Blanca Eckhout as the new minister for communications and information.

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Venezuelans Celebrate 7th Anniversary of Coup Defeat

Rally remembering the April 13 victory, Caracas (Zachary Lown,
President Hugo Chavez addressed thousands of supporters who rallied at the presidential palace yesterday to celebrate the National Day of Dignity which commemorates the day on which Chavez was returned to power after being temporarily ousted by a coup d´etat seven years ago. Chavez was overthrown on April 11, 2002 but the constitutional order was restored two days later on April 13. 

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Venezuelan National Assembly Passes New Caracas Administration Law

The municipalities and parishes of Caracas (Archive)

On Tuesday the Venezuelan National Assembly passed the special Law of Administration of the Capital which changes administrative responsibility and budgeting for a part of Caracas. The opposition have categorized the law as further centralization and requested a referendum around it.

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Venezuela’s Chávez Declares Support for Obama’s Nuclear Disarmament Pledge

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Japan this week (ABN)
During a diplomatic tour aimed at creating a "pluri-polar world," Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez pledged his support for United States President Barack Obama's call for nuclear disarmament, and said he hopes the upcoming Summit of the Americas will provide an opportunity to "reset" diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Venezuela.

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Nine Police Found Guilty of April 2002 Venezuelan Coup Deaths

The convicted police captains, Henry Vivas, Lazaro Forero and Ivan Simonovis (Archive)

The lawyer for the victims of the coup in Venezuela on April 11th 2002, Antonio Molina, confirmed on Friday that three police captains had been sentenced to 30 years jail and that six other police also received sentences for homicide and assault to different degrees.

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President Chávez and Venezuela’s Socialist Elected Officials Meet to Discuss Political Strategy

President Chavez during a summit with governors, mayors, and legislators Wednesday (VTV)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez convened state governors, city mayors, and legislators from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) to discuss the next stage in the construction of “21st Century Socialism.”

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Mass Organisation, Unity Increase As Venezuela's Revolution Deepens

"This government is here to protect the people, not the bourgeoisie or the rich", proclaimed Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on February 28, as he ordered soldiers to take over two rice-processing plants owned by Venezuelan food and drink giant Empresas Polar.

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Low Participation in Venezuelan Opposition’s Education Strike

A Bolivarian primary school in Venezuela (MinCI)
Very few teachers went on strike today, in response to some teachers’ federations call for one, over demands for pay increases and more job security. The Venezuelan government called the strike illegal, as it is currently in negotiations with teachers’ unions.

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