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Venezuelan Education Minister Clarifies Education Law in Response to False Opposition Propaganda

Education Minister Hector Navarro (RNV)
In response to an opposition-led media campaign to convince Venezuelans that the Education Law under discussion in the Venezuelan National Assembly will permit the government to arbitrarily take custody of children, Education Minister Hector Navarro denied that the law will contain such a clause and compared the campaign to the U.S.-led psychological war and expatriation of children from Cuba in the early 1960s.

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Students March for New Type of Education in Venezuela

The student march on Tuesday (ABN)
Youth and students marched on Tuesday morning from the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) to the National Assembly, in order to demand more democratic decision making in the nation's universities and a transformation of the university system to make it more equitable.

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"Evo Morales Incites Genocide of the Peruvian Police Force"

In a June 13 article in the online version of the Bolivian state-run newspaper Cambio, Peruvian president Alan García is quoted as accusing international communism of attempting to create chaos in Peru.

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Venezuelan Government: Separatist Opposition Uses Paramilitaries for Social Cleansing, Destabilization

Paramilitary troops on Venezuela's border (YVKE archive)
Venezuelan Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs, Tarek El-Aissami, accused the governors of opposition-controlled states along the Colombian border of permitting bands of Colombian paramilitary troops to destabilize the region and carry out a wave of "social cleansing" murders in recent months.

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Venezuela Orders End to Coca-Cola Zero Production

Coca-Cola Zero (Archive)
On Wednesday the Venezuelan Ministry for Health ordered the Coca-Cola Company to remove its product Coca-Cola Zero from sale for containing a cancerous ingredient, sodium cyclamate, an ingredient not included in the US version of the drink.

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Chávez Hosts TV Series of Socialist Theory

On Thursday evening Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez hosted the first of what will be a series of special episodes of his weekly presidential talk show, "Hello, President." The focus of these episodes is the theory of socialist change, in contrast to the discussions of current events and exhibitions of government projects that are the usual themes of his Sunday afternoon broadcasts.

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Phone Conversation Reveals Opposition Desire to Destabilise Venezuela

National Assembly Deputy Mario Isea, left, and Adm. Rafael Clavier (YVKE)
On Tuesday National Assembly legislator and president of the special commission that investigates assassination and coup attempts, Mario Isea, denounced an alleged opposition plan to destabilise the country or to possibly get rid of President Hugo Chavez.

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Venezuelan Socialist Party Gains One Million Members and Opposition Forms New Alliance

PSUV Vice President Aristobulo Isturiz (VTV)

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) has announced that the party grew by more than one million new members during a month-long registration drive in May. Meanwhile, most of the principal opposition parties in Venezuela have formed a new alliance called the "Democratic Unity Roundtable" (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática).

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82% of Venezuelans Use Public Health System

According to a National Statistics Institute (INE) study, 81.8% of Venezuelans, or 22 million people, are using the public health system, and of these 75.4% said they were satisfied with the service.

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Venezuelan Government Forms Multi-Institutional Council Against Crime

Tarek El Aissami, far right, at the formal founding of the security council (ABN/Henry Tesara).
The Minister for Justice and Internal Affairs, Tarek El Aissami, established a new National Council of Prevention and Citizen Security yesterday.

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