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Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Are Said to Meet with U.S. Officials in Puerto Rico

Globovisión director Federico Ravell

Venezuelan Leaders of Venezuela’s opposition political parties and the director of the leading oppositional private television news station likely met with government officials and political advisors from the United States in Puerto Rico last week, according to emails revealed by a producer of a pro-government Caracas television station.

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Venezuela: Socialism, Democracy and the Re-Election of President Chavez

The proposed constitutional amendment allowing for the indefinite re-election of the President requires an examination of two basic concepts: electoral systems and democracy.  The distinction between these two concepts dominates the political conflict between the supporters (pro-Chavez) and opponents (anti-Chavez) of the amendment.

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Venezuelan Opposition Attacks Chavistas during Governor’s Swearing in Ceremony

One of the people injured during the swearing in ceremony (VTV).
Over 40 United Socialist Party (PSUV) supporters have been injured by members of the opposition during the swearing in of the newly elected governor of Tachira state, according to national assembly member, Iris Varela.

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Chávez Proposes Constitutional Amendment Include Governors and Mayors

Chavez speaking at the meeting of the campaign in support of the amendment. (VTV)
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for the proposed amendment to the constitution that would eliminate a two-term limit to the presidency to be extended to include other elected positions. Meanwhile, over two polls publicized over the weekend showed a majority support for the amendment.

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Chavez Reflects on Past and Projects Future in End of Year Speech

President Chavez during his end of year speech. (Prensa Presidencial)
In his end of year speech Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez highlighted the advances in living standards that have been achieved, announced some key projects for the next year, and called for the continuation of the socialist project in Venezuela.

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Chávez Wins Again

The results of the Nov. 23 state-municipal elections dashed the opposition’s hopes that Venezuela has become fed up with President Hugo Chávez. However, it wasn’t all good news for the Chavistas.

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Human Rights Watch Report on Venezuela Under Fire

A Human Rights Watch report on alleged setbacks in human rights in Venezuela since President Hugo Chávez first took office 10 years ago has been severely questioned by 118 academics from the United States and several other countries.

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Venezuelan National Assembly to Investigate Siemens’ Bribery Scandal

Siemens Transportation Systems, Inc. railway vehicles in Valencia, Carabobo (archive)
Last week the Venezuelan National Assembly announced it would investigate bribes that the company Siemens had admitted delivering to Venezuelan officials.

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Chavez Proposes February 15 for Venezuelan Constitutional Amendment Vote

Hello President

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez proposed February 15, 2009, as a possible date for the upcoming referendum to allow his reelection, and warned that recently elected opposition politicians aim to mimic government policies in an effort to gain popular support.

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Amendment to Strike Two-Term Limit on Presidency Advances in Venezuelan Legislature

Legislators voted nearly unanimously

Venezuela’s National Assembly approved yesterday the holding of a referendum on a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the two-term limit on the presidency, after a lengthy first debate that lasted into the night.

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