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Students March in Support of Amendment to Venezuela’s Constitution

Students protesting in favor of the constitutional amendments to eliminate the two-term limit on electoral office. (Aporrea)
Thousands of university and high school students in Caracas, the states of Barinas, Lara, Anzoategui, and Sucre,  as well as in other cities, marched yesterday in support of the constitutional amendment to be put to public vote on February 15.

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Venezuelan Government Condemns Violent Demonstrations

Opposition students throw rocks at police during anti-amendment protest Tuesday (AP)
Violent confrontations related to the campaign for an amendment to Venezuela's constitution that would abolish the two-term limit on elected office have taken place in several Venezuelan cities, prompting the government to proclaim that demonstrators who threaten public security should be promptly detained by local police.

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100,000 Committees to Campaign for Amendment to Venezuela’s Constitution

The swearing in ceremony in Caracas on Saturday. (Zafra Miriam)
Over the weekend committees from various sectors of society swore to campaign hard to win the approval by public vote of the amendment to the constitution to get rid of the two-term limit on all elected offices in Venezuela.

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Ready to Rumble: Referendum Facts & Law

Over and over again independent news outlets have had to step in and clean up misstatements, omissions, and outright lies the mainstream media reports about Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

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Did Venezuela's Opposition Meet with US Officials in Puerto Rico?

If the allegations are proven that opposition leaders met with U.S. government officials, then the opposition will once again find itself on the defensive, trying to disprove that their funding and strategy are not "Made in U.S.A."

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Venezuelan Legislature Votes to Hold Referendum on Term Limits

Venezuela's National Assembly (Archive)
Venezuela’s legislature, the National Assembly, passed the resolution yesterday that would allow for a national referendum to proceed on whether to eliminate all limits on the number of times elected officials may hold the same office. Meanwhile, opposition students launched protests against the referendum.

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Chavez Hopes Obama Stops US Aggression Against Venezuela

5 branches of government

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, in his annual speech to the National Assembly, expressed his desire that the Barack Obama White House would stop foreign intervention by the United States in Venezuela.

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Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Are Said to Meet with U.S. Officials in Puerto Rico

Globovisión director Federico Ravell

Venezuelan Leaders of Venezuela’s opposition political parties and the director of the leading oppositional private television news station likely met with government officials and political advisors from the United States in Puerto Rico last week, according to emails revealed by a producer of a pro-government Caracas television station.

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Venezuela: Socialism, Democracy and the Re-Election of President Chavez

The proposed constitutional amendment allowing for the indefinite re-election of the President requires an examination of two basic concepts: electoral systems and democracy.  The distinction between these two concepts dominates the political conflict between the supporters (pro-Chavez) and opponents (anti-Chavez) of the amendment.

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Venezuelan Opposition Attacks Chavistas during Governor’s Swearing in Ceremony

One of the people injured during the swearing in ceremony (VTV).
Over 40 United Socialist Party (PSUV) supporters have been injured by members of the opposition during the swearing in of the newly elected governor of Tachira state, according to national assembly member, Iris Varela.

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