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Observer Report on the Venezuelan Term Limits Referendum

A U.S. delegation of international electoral accompaniers reports back from their observance of the February term limits referendum in Venezuela. NACLA, TransAfrica Forum, Urban Semillas, and Diverse Strategies Organizing compiled the report.

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Violent Student Protests Shut Down Parts of Merida, Venezuela

Protestors commandeered and burned a commercial truck in Merida Wednesday (El Nacional)
Parts of the city of Mérida, Venezuela have been shut down by three days of student and youth-led protests. The protests began in reaction to internal university issues and turned violent once riot police allegedly shot a projectile into the head of a student leader, who died early Friday morning.

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Venezuela and the Palestinian Authority Establish Diplomatic Relations

Foreign Ministers Riyad Al-Malki of the Palestinian Authority (Left) and Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela (ABN)
On Monday, Venezuela and the Palestinian Authority established formal diplomatic relations and announced the opening of a Palestinian embassy in Caracas.

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Peru Grants Political Asylum to Venezuelan Opposition Leader Wanted for Corruption

Manuel Rosales (YVKE).
On Monday, Peru's Foreign Relations Ministry granted political asylum to Manuel Rosales, a leading opposition figure and former presidential candidate who is wanted in Venezuela for stealing public funds and accepting bribes during his term as governor of Zulia state.

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Venezuela Opens National Art Gallery and Launches National Reading Plan

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in the newly expanded National Art Gallery (ABN)
Over the weekend, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez inaugurated the newly constructed headquarters of the National Art Gallery, launched a national Revolutionary Reading Plan, and commemorated the anniversary of the government's Culture Mission, which promotes cultural programming in local communities.

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Venezuela Issues Arrest Warrant for Ex-Governor Eduardo Manuitt

Ex-governor of Guarico state, Eduardo Manuitt (YVKE)
A state court in Guarico, Venezuela, put out an arrest warrant yesterday for the ex-governor of that state, Eduardo Manuitt, for embezzlement. The ex-mayor of Caracas, Juan Barretto, has also been summoned over an investigation into corruption.

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Venezuela Expands Outlets for Denunciations of Violence Against Women

A Women's Ministry booth in a Caracas railway station (INAMUJER)

Since the Law on the Right of Women to a Life Free of Violence was passed in 2007, the number of denunciations of violence against women has tripled in Venezuela, as women become more aware of their rights and have more access to the courts.

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Venezuelan Opposition Leader Rosales Skirts Corruption Trial, Seeks Asylum in Peru

Maracaibo Mayor Manuel Rosales (YVKE).
Manuel Rosales, a prominent Venezuelan opposition leader and mayor of Maracaibo facing corruption charges, failed to appear at a court appointment on Monday and has reportedly arrived in Peru and sought political asylum. 

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Chavez-Obama Meeting at Summit Relaunches US-Venezuela Relations

Presidents Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and Barack Obama talk cordially at the end of the V Summit of the Americas.

The Summit of the Americas served as scenario for the first Obama-Chavez meeting and a relauncing of relations between the US and Venezuela.

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Venezuela Transfers Some States’ Highways and Bridges to National Government

On Friday, the Venezuelan National Assembly authorized the transfer of administrative authority over the highways, bridges, and public roadways in the Capital District of Caracas and the states of Delta Amacuro, Zulia, and Vargas to the Public Works and Housing Ministry.

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