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Venezuela-U.S. Relations

US NSA Spied on Venezuela When President Chavez Died, Documents Reveal

According to leaked documents the NSA has been spying on Latin American countries, particularly Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, and Ve

Brazilian daily O Globo, reporting jointly with Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald informed today that according to the leaked National Security Agency (NSA) documents, the United States has also been spying on Venezuela’s petroleum industry. The information comes as governments confirm that whistleblower Edward Snowden has applied for asylum in Venezuela.

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Venezuela-U.S. Relations May Improve, Following Meeting of Foreign Ministers

Jaua and Kerry pledged to strengthen bilateral ties, following a meeting in Guatemala on Wednesday (JOHAN ORDONEZ / AFP)

Venezuelan foreign minister Elias Jaua and United States Secretary of State John Kerry pledged to improve bilateral relations during a meeting on Wednesday, following the release of a U.S. citizen detained in Venezuela.

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Corporate Media Drones on about Venezuela’s Defence Program

Last week the Venezuelan government demonstrated its Arpia Drones System (Minci)

After President Nicolas Maduro attended a military display in Aragua state which included Venezuela’s three unarmed drones, some mainstream media has highlighted Venezuela’s defence program, stressing Venezuela’s relationship with Iran.

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U.S. Seeks to Get Rid of Left Governments in Latin America


Recent events indicate that the Obama administration has stepped up its strategy of “regime change” against the left-of-center governments in Latin America, promoting conflict in ways not seen since the military coup that Washington supported in Venezuela in 2002. 

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US Citizen Arrested in Venezuela in Connection with Destabilization Plans

Minister Torres giving his video presentation yesterday (Andrés Pérez / Mpprij)

Venezuelan security forces have arrested a US national in connection with an alleged plot to “violently destabilize the country” following the April elections, Minister for Internal Affairs, Miguel Torres announced yesterday.

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Venezuela Faces a Soft War

"The social property law will take away what's yours - No to the Cuban law" said this 2009 publicity, which uses

Framed in a historical and political context, Segarra describes a soft war, a psychological and multifaceted war, waged by foreign interests and local elites against Venezuelans following death of Hugo Chavez.

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Nicolas Maduro did not Steal the Venezuelan Elections

The author with Nicolas Maduro before he became the President of Venezuela.

The guy in the cheap brown windbreaker walking up the dirty tenement steps to my New York office looked like a bus driver. Nicolas Maduro, elected President of Venezuela last Sunday, did indeed drive a bus, then led the drivers’ union, then drove Chávez’s laws through the National Assembly.

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The United States Shows its Contempt for Venezuelan Democracy

US secretary of state, John Kerry, has called for a recount of Venezuela's presidential ballot (agencies)

Washington's clumsy efforts to de-legitimise Venezuela's election mark a escalation of its push for regime change.

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Venezuela Breaks Off Talks With the United States

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elías Jaua at a ceremony on Wednesday where he presented a medal to two Venezuelan diplomats that t

Venezuelan officials announced on Wednesday that they are breaking off talks with US diplomats, accusing the United States government of interfering in Venezuela’s internal affairs ahead of next month’s elections.

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Candidates Begin Campaigning for Presidential Elections in Venezuela

Presidential candidates Nicolás Maduro (left) and Henrique Capriles (right)  (Noticias 24)

Though the electoral campaign is not to officially begin until April 2nd, both sides of the political divide in Venezuela have begun campaigning for the upcoming presidential elections on April 14th.

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