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Venezuela-U.S. Relations

Obama's Arrogant Interference in Venezuela and Resistance by A Participatory Democracy


Obama’s arrogant interference in Venezuela constitutes the latest example from among the long list of U.S. presidents who adopt and actively sponsor the original seventeenth century evangelical notion: the U.S is a chosen people, the beacon on the hill for the world to look toward for salvation.

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US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela is a Mistake


The US push to topple the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro once again pits Washington against South America.

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Maduro Expels Three U.S. Officials from Venezuela for “Conspiracy”

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has expelled three U.S. consular officials from the country due to suspected conspiracy with

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has expelled three U.S. consular officials from the country due to suspected conspiracy with the conservative opposition. Meanwhile opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez has announced he will lead another march against the government in Caracas tomorrow. 

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Brookings Institution Calls on Obama to Support a Hypothetical Coup Against Venezuela's Maduro (+video)

Harold Trinkunas (Club de Prensa)

On Thursday, the Brookings Institution issued a memo to President Obama titled “Venezuela Breaks Down in Violence.”

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US and Venezuela Again Call for Better Bilateral Ties

Arreaza has stated he wants “good relations” with the US. (AVN)

Venezuelan Vice President Jorge Arreaza has said he wants “good relations” with the United States, following a statement from US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier this week that Washington is “ready and willing” to improve bilateral ties.

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USAID, Uribe and Venezuelan Opposition Plotting Violence, Sabotage and Scarcity; According to Leaked Document

In the aftermath of the April presidential elections violent protests claimed at least 9 lives, according to the government (Rya

US and Colombian organisations are working with the Venezuela's political opposition to sabotage Venezuelan infrastructure, create deadly street violence, exacerbate food scarcity and provoke an international intervention, according to documents obtained by attorney and journalist Eva Golinger.

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New Documents Show Venezuela Has Been Key US Spying Target

The NSA considered Venezuela one of the six key “enduring targets” in 2007 (agencies)

According to US NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden and published recently by the New York Times, Venezuela was one of the key targets of the agency’s spying. The US appeared to be particularly concerned with Venezuela’s regional influence.

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US- Venezuela Relations: A Case Study of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism

(Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

US-Venezuela relations provide a casebook study of the complex, structural and contingent dimensions of imperialism and anti-imperialism.

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Sobering Reasons for Venezuelan President Maduro's Cancellation of Beijing to New York Trip

(Prensa Presidencial)

News of President Maduro's cancellation of his trip to the UN in New York has been published by the government-controlled western media with attacks on his credibility and even his sanity. Extensive research of a span of reports from friendly to openly hostile media reveals that the cancellation was not only wise but also justified.

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Washington Expels Venezuelan Diplomats in Retaliation

The US gave the Venezuelan diplomats 48 hours to leave, the same period of time given for Keiderling (pictured above) and two ot

Three Venezuelan diplomats were expelled from the United States a day after Venezuela declared Washington's highest-ranking representative in Caracas a persona non grata after she visited the offices of an opposition-oriented organisation.

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