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US interference

Venezuelan Government Officials Allege Uribe Has Role in Violent Disturbances

Alvaro Uribe (agencies)

Venezuelan governmental authorities have provided what they allege is evidence of former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe’s involvement in the current disturbances and violence. They also claim that the US has provided some advice, and that mercenaries are involved.

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Blame it on Caracas

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (archive) founder Gregory Wilpert critiques the New York Times’ coverage of Venezuela – U.S. relations following the expulsion of three U.S. diplomats from Venezuela by President Nicolas Maduro.

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Venezuela Criticizes Obama's Comments on Chavez

The Venezuelan minister of communication, Ernesto Villegas, read out the Venezuelan government’s condemnation of Obama’s com

The Venezuelan government expressed outrage at U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday for calling Hugo Chavez's policies "authoritarian" at such a "delicate moment," with the Venezuelan president recovering from a difficult cancer surgery.

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Why the US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy

Hugo Chavez at a campaign march in Yaracuy on Tuesday (VTV)

Venezuela is about to hold impeccably free and fair elections, yet the US treats it as a dictatorship.

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Connie Mack's Staff Tied to Anti-Hugo Chavez Group

Florida Republican Representative, Connie Mack, has previously solicited the US government to "replace" Hugo Chavez (a

For years in the House and in his current bid for Senate, Florida GOP Rep. Connie Mack has attacked Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez with a zeal possibly unmatched in Congress... But the full story of Mack’s anti-Chávez campaign doesn’t end there. In a little-noticed and highly unusual episode, a trio of Mack staffers worked with a secretive nonprofit group whose sole purpose appears to be promoting the congressman’s crusade against Chávez

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