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Venezuelan Government Blames “Import Mafias” for Alleged Paper Shortage

The Venezuelan government claims that sufficient dollars have been supplied for paper purchase, and instead blames paper import

International and local private media have accused the Venezuelan government of infringing “freedom of expression and information” by restricting newspapers’ access to official exchange rate dollars, and therefore their ability to import paper. The government however says the dollars have been supplied, and blames speculating paper import companies.

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Following Huge Car Industry Speculation in Venezuela, Maduro Permits Dollar Car Import Bank Accounts

Maduro signing decree 625 last night (Prensa Presidencial)

From today, Venezuelan citizens and residents who have legally acquired dollars will be able to open foreign currency accounts in public Venezuelan banks. They will also be able to use those accounts to purchase cars overseas, following a decree that President Nicolas Maduro signed yesterday.

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Protesting Against Consumerism in Venezuela

Protest in Merida against consumerism. Placards (from left to right) “fight against speculation”, “0-800 Consciousness”

As the Venezuelan government continues to crack down on hoarding and speculation, this week a small protest against consumerism took place in Merida. In many parts of the country there have been large lines outside stores forced to lower prices and supermarkets where scarce goods appear, while nationwide the consumer protection body Indepabis is regularly inspecting businesses for price infractions.

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Are the Military Occupations of Stores Evidence that the Venezuelan Government is Descending into Tyranny?

Soldiers outside a Daka store in Caracas (Ariana Cubillos/AP)

Despite the Western media’s outrage, there are legitimate reasons for the occupation of stores by Venezuela’s military.

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Venezuela's Maduro Condemns Newspapers that “Defend the Parasitic Bourgeoisie”

Maduro called on supporters to boycott private newspapers yesterday (Archive)

As the Venezuelan government continues to tackle speculative retail pricing, President Nicolas Maduro has urged supporters to boycott private newspapers.

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Venezuela: Exchange Rates and the Battle for Petroleum Income

These last two weeks have attested to a process of assuming positions in economic policy. The decisions that the government is taking on economic questions are the result of a calculation in the scenario of political and social confrontation.

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New Motor Vehicle Law Attempts to Combat Price Speculation in Venezuela’s Auto Market

The law attempts to combat shortages and speculation in Venezuela’s auto market (Ernesto Morgado/El Nacional)

After a vote of approval from its Chavista majority, the National Assembly (AN) approved the Law Regulating the Purchase and Sale of New and Used Motor Vehicles earlier this week. 

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Venezuelan Government Expands Battle Against Currency and Price Speculation

Thomas Coex / AFP / archive

The Venezuelan government has announced a number of measures in recent days to combat currency and price speculation, both of which have become increasingly problematic in recent months.

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Devaluation, Consumerism, and the Media

Venezuelans wait in line to buy Chinese Haier brand products subsidized by the Venezuelan government

In light of Venezuela’s recent currency devaluation, Venezuelan blogger and technology activist Luigino Bracci Roa argues that a change in attitudes towards consumption and technology is required.

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Over 4,000 Companies Register in Venezuelan Government's New Regulated System of Costs and Prices

Prices will be set on 19 household cleaning and bathroom products in the law's initial phase (AVN)

Over 4,000 companies have registered their pricing structures with the Venezuelan government’s Automated Price System (Sisap) as part of the latest phase in the new Law of Fair Costs and Prices. The law allows the Venezuelan state to set prices across a range of economic sectors in a bid to ensure access to goods and services for the Venezuelan people and to combat hoarding and price speculation by private companies.

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