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Housing mission

“Terrorists” Attack Housing Mission and Preschool in Venezuela

Fire fighters with an evacuated child. (Zurda Konducta)

The headquarters of the Venezuelan government's housing mission and an adjacent pre-school have been attacked by anti-government groups, according to authorities. 

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Over 500,000 New Homes Created under Venezuela’s Housing Construction Program

Over 500,000 houses have been constructed since mid 2011 under the Venezuelan government’s mass housing construction program.

Over 500,000 houses have been constructed since mid 2011 under the Venezuelan government’s mass housing construction program.

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Plot of Land Withdrawn From Venezuelan Housing Mission, Following Protest

The plans to construct housing for disaster victims on a plot of land in Nueva Casarapa, a district within the commuting city of Guarenas, have been called off following protest from residents, mayor Freddy Rodriguez announced this morning.

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Venezuelan Government Continues Push for Dignified Housing

Venezuelan government continues push for dignified housing (AVN)

After reaching its construction goal for 2012, The Venezuelan government renewed its pledge to provide affordable and dignified housing for all citizens during a special meeting held last Friday between state governors and members of the Executive branch.

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Venezuela's Housing Revolution

Chavez: Every Venezuelan to Have Dignified Home by 2019 “Whatever it Costs”

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in Council of Ministers meeting last Thursday 8 November (prensa Miraflores)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has made a commitment that every Venezuelan family must have a dignified home by 2019 “whatever it costs”.

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Venezuela Maintaining Surge in Housing Construction

According to government sources, around 265 thousand new homes have been constructed in Venezuela since the housing construction

Venezuela continues to see a big surge in housing construction since the government launched the “Great Venezuelan Housing Mission” in April of last year.

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President Chávez, "Deepening the Revolution" with Housing Mission

(Axis of Logic)

In this report and photo essay, we will turn our focus to the massive housing mission, La Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, and provide a brief summary of Venezuela's recent history under the socialist government.


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Communities Playing Greater Role in Venezuelan Housing Construction

Venezuela’s Great Housing Mission (GMVV) has constructed 243,990 new houses since the program’s launch in April 2011 (archiv

96,872 houses have been built through Venezuela’s mass house construction program so far this year, of which almost 50% (48,263) have been built by local communities.


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Venezuela's housing mission constructing dignified housing for the most needy

Cacique Tiuna Commune (MPPVH)

188,851 houses have been constructed since the Great Housing Mission (GMVV) launched in 2011, 53% of the combined 2011 – 2012 goal of 350,000 new homes.

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