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Venezuela’s Maduro Approves Laws on State Security & Corruption as Enabling Period Ends

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro approved five laws addressing corruption and state security on the last day of the period of

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has approved five laws addressing corruption and state security on the last day of the enabling period of limited lawmaking powers granted to him by the National Assembly.

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Briefcase Companies and Phantom Importers

Luis Britto Garcia (courtesy)

Venezuelan writer Luis Britto Garcia argues that even before we critique the misuse of dollars by Venezuela’s flourishing phantom companies, we must look at what legitimate transnationals are allotted the most dollars through the government subsidy, and what their offered services say about the government’s priorities.

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Snapshot from the Economic War in Venezuela

Johnny Moreno (left) teaching a Mision Robinson [literacy] class in 2004, in El Valle, Caracas. (Sujatha Fernandes)

Sujatha tells the dark understory of the economic war in Venezuela- the human side of the struggle against corruption that can hardly be expressed through graphs and charts.

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Venezuelan Voices, Part I: An Economic Spiral

On the border between Brazil and Venezuela, if you don't want to wait on the long gas station lines, you can fill up your t

As international media plays its favorite old game of lambasting the Venezuelan government, long-time observers of the Bolivarian process may be wondering how much truth lies in the prime-time reports depicting empty shelves, long lines and charts showing catastrophic inflation. How precarious is Venezuela’s current economy and, more importantly, how much are the effects of this felt by the Venezuelan people?

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Venezuelan President and High Ranking Officials to Declare Wealth, Ex-Minister Investigated for Corruption

Eugenia Sader, ex-Health Minister. (VTV)

Venezuelan comptroller Adelina Gonzalez announced yesterday that all senior officials in public office must update their sworn declaration of wealth (DJP) between the 1st and 31st of July.

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Venezuela to Introduce “Tourist” Currency Exchange Rate

Venezuela’s “Simon Bolivar” Maiquetia International Airport, Caracas (AVN)

Venezuela’s Central Bank will establish a new exchange rate for foreign visitors to Venezuela in a presumed bid to tempt tourists away from selling dollars on the black market.

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Socialist Party of Venezuela City Mayor Arrested for Alleged Corruption

Valencia mayor Edgardo Parra (archive)

Authorities arrested Valencia mayor and United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) member Edgardo Parra on Saturday for a range of corruption crimes. His arrest comes as the national government continues its campaign of “zero tolerance” of corruption.

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Maduro Requests Enabling Law in Order to Crack Down on Economic and Political Corruption in Venezuela

Maduro requesting the enabling law on Tuesday (Prensa Presidencial)

Discussion formally began on Tuesday in the national assembly to pass an enabling law which aims to severely crack down on both economic and political corruption.

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Venezuelan Authorities to Combat Foreign Currency Scam with Fingerprint Devices

The machines ensure that dollar-loaded credit cards can only be used by those who actually travel abroad (Google)

Venezuelan authorities will install fingerprint devices in airports and other border posts to prevent foreign-bound Venezuelans committing a currency scam known as “the scrape”.

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Interview with Interior and Justice Minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, Part Two


In late August Michael Albert interviewed Interior and Justice Minister of Venezuela, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, a close confidant and long time ally of President Maduro now, and of President Chavez earlier, on many matters critical to current events and prospects in Venezuela. This is part two.

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