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21st Century Socialism

Venezuela: Heinz Dieterich the Prophet of Doom – Or how not to save the Bolivarian Revolution

Maduro during the April 2013 elections (In Defence of Marxism)

Alan Woods responds to an article published by Heinz Dieterich on the Venezuelan leftwing website Aporrea, in which the German academic claims that 2015 will be the Maduro government´s last year in office.

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An Interview with Raul Zelik: “State Bureaucracy is Not an Alternative to the Market”

Raul Zelik (Photo: José Avelino Rodrigues)

Raul Zelik argues "the Venezuelan people, the Bolivarian people, must do more than trust in state control".

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Re-Elected Evo Morales Dedicates Victory to Hugo Chavez

Bolivian president Evo Morales (Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images)

On Sunday evening, as initial polls of Bolivia’s presidential election showed Evo Morales as the decisive victor with nearly 60% of votes, the South American leader dedicated his victory to the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez.

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Socialism: Practice or Principle First?

(Photo: Didi Ananda Sadhana) RPLA meeting in Centro Madre, San José de Barlovento.

As socialist enterprises and workers cooperatives are dwindling in Venezuela, there is a new emphasis on the creation of Networks of Free and Associated Agricultural Producers (REPLA). In this article, the author offers critiques of the socialist enterprises and calls for localized production that emphasizes processing raw materials closest to where they originate. This perspective is offered based on organizing efforts with a REPLA in Barlovento, Venezuela.

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From Chávez's "Strike at the Helm" to Maduro's "Shake-up" in Venezuela

(BBC Mundo)

Director of the Latin American Strategic Center of Geopolitics (CELAG), Alfredo Serrano Mancilla, takes a look at the political significance of Nicolas Maduro's recent "shake-up" of the Bolivarian Revolution. 

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Venezuelans Protest Big Business for their Role in the Economic War

Cory Fischer-Hoffman/Venezuelanalysis

Amidst the ongoing “economic war” in Venezuela, 200 people from various political collectives marched to Fedecamaras headquarters to place a spotlight on how the largest business confederation may be contributing to scarcity, inflation and speculation in Venezuela. 

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2013 Year of Uncertainty, 2014 Year of Definitions

The Bolivarian revolution got through many hard challenges last year (Portaldelsur)

2014, a year free of electoral distortions, is without a doubt a year of definitions.

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Interview: Alan Woods on the Future of the Venezuelan Revolution

Chavez supporter, 18 March (chavezcandanga)

El Universal interviews Alan Woods on the challenges for the Bolivarian revolution now, the state of the opposition, and the legacy of Hugo Chavez.

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At 21 Years Since 4 February 1992: Either Chavismo Is Socialist or It’s Not Chavismo

Nicmer Evans (noticias 365)

Venezuelan analyst Nicmer Evans argues, "The construction of a socialist project must transcend every one of us, and cannot be circumscribed to the existence or the state of health of one individual, no matter how important and significant they are for our history".

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Michael Lebowitz on What We Can Expect from Chavez's Fourth Term as Venezuelan President

Michael Lebowitz in Zagreb. (Jovica Drobnja)

Author and academic Michael Lebowitz discusses the internal dynamics of the Bolivarian movement and prospects for the project of socialism of the 21st century in Venezuela in the coming period.

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