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21st Century Socialism

2013 Year of Uncertainty, 2014 Year of Definitions

The Bolivarian revolution got through many hard challenges last year (Portaldelsur)

2014, a year free of electoral distortions, is without a doubt a year of definitions.

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Interview: Alan Woods on the Future of the Venezuelan Revolution

Chavez supporter, 18 March (chavezcandanga)

El Universal interviews Alan Woods on the challenges for the Bolivarian revolution now, the state of the opposition, and the legacy of Hugo Chavez.

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At 21 Years Since 4 February 1992: Either Chavismo Is Socialist or It’s Not Chavismo

Nicmer Evans (noticias 365)

Venezuelan analyst Nicmer Evans argues, "The construction of a socialist project must transcend every one of us, and cannot be circumscribed to the existence or the state of health of one individual, no matter how important and significant they are for our history".

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Michael Lebowitz on What We Can Expect from Chavez's Fourth Term as Venezuelan President

Michael Lebowitz in Zagreb. (Jovica Drobnja)

Author and academic Michael Lebowitz discusses the internal dynamics of the Bolivarian movement and prospects for the project of socialism of the 21st century in Venezuela in the coming period.

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Venezuela: The Future of ‘21st Century Socialism’ After the Poll

(Green Left Weekly)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s re-election on October 7 with more than 55% of the vote was vital for two reasons. Here, Federico Fuentes, explains why, and outlines the challenges facing Venezuela's project for 21st century socialism over the next 6 years.


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Venezuela’s Chavez Outlines Vision for Next Presidency, “Greater Advance” towards Socialism

Chavez made the speech in an act with the CNE on Wednesday evening (AVN).

Recently re-elected Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez, stated that his next 6 year term would mark a period of “greater advance” towards the construction of socialism, as well as “greater achievements and greater efficiency in this transition from capitalism”.

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Capriles Radonski with the Mask Off: Imperialist Ties & Cold Calls

Henrique Capriles Radonski (

With the elections just a few days away, and a leaked document confirming what activists on the ground already knew; that the Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) intends to saddle Venezuela with a neo-liberal economic program worthy of Angela Merkel's highest seal of approval; any pretensions that Capriles may have had to a “center-left” program have been well and truly disposed of.

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Planning the Next 6 Years of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution

President Chavez with the plan on the day he registered to be a candidate (patriagrande)

From communes, to agriculture, to regional relationships and new models of economic production and distribution; planning the next stage and the deepening of Venezuela’s revolution is a huge task. Here Venezuelanalysis has summarised and analysed Chavez’s proposed 2013-2019 plan, and included a brief analysis of the opposition’s proposal as well.

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Complexities of the Socialist Alternative

Steve Ellner discusses Michael Lebowitz's writings in The Socialist Alternative on the need to place transformation of values at the center of socialist construction, largely based on Lebowitz's texperience in Venezuela and support for Chavez's "humanist objectives".

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Chavez: We Have to Make the Economic Revolution Now

Over US$100 million will be invested in state company Ferrominera to construct iron and steel processing plants (Elcritico)

During a telephone call from Cuba last Saturday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said that the government would carry out an “economic revolution” within the coming years as he approved more funds for the industrial development of the country.

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