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News: Venezuelan Media

Iconic Photo of Shortage-Ridden Venezuelan Supermarket Taken in New York

The original high resolution photo. Original caption: "A shopper passes empty shelves while looking for bottled water at a

A photo widely circulated by international media as a depiction of chronic shortages in Venezuela was actually taken in New York in 2011, reports Spanish website FCINCO.


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Molotov Attack on Public TV Station in Venezuela

Workers of the state television channel Vive assess the damage outside the broadcaster’s headquarters in Zulia state, Venezuel

At 3 AM yesterday morning, two unidentified individuals armed with Molotov cocktails attacked the Western headquarters of the state television station Vive TV, in Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s Economic “Architect” Giordani’s Exit from Government Causes Controversy

Jorge Giordani (AVN)

The dismissal of one of the government’s long standing economic figures, Jorge Giordani, from his ministerial post has caused debate and controversy in the South American country.

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Civilians Support Venezuelan National Guard amid Media False Claims

GNB march

On the weekend civilians marched with National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) soldiers, and today the government declared part of Caracas “free” from violent protests. The march came as private media heightened its false statements about GNB actions.

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Journalist Beaten With Lead Pipe by Venezuelan Opposition Protesters

A photograph that Ultimas Noticias claims shows Hernandez being beaten by opposition demonstrators. (Federico Parra)

Venezuelan opposition protesters in Caracas attacked three journalists following a march demanding “greater freedom of the press”. Meanwhile, barricades in Tachira state have claimed another life.

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Venezuelan Government Blames “Import Mafias” for Alleged Paper Shortage

The Venezuelan government claims that sufficient dollars have been supplied for paper purchase, and instead blames paper import

International and local private media have accused the Venezuelan government of infringing “freedom of expression and information” by restricting newspapers’ access to official exchange rate dollars, and therefore their ability to import paper. The government however says the dollars have been supplied, and blames speculating paper import companies.

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National Alternative Media Meeting and Venezuelan Government Agree on Steps Forward

Ministry of communications representative Reinaldo Escorcia (CdO)

While members of the communications ministry met with hundreds of community and alternative media over the weekend to look at ways to support that movement, other government officials met with private media on Monday to encourage them to promote better values.

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Venezuelan Military's TV Channel Launched

A TV channel dedicated to the Venezuelan military was launched on Saturday (AVN)

A newly launched TV channel for Venezuela's armed forces will feature news, documentaries, soap operas and even a military-themed cooking show.

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Venezuela's Maduro Condemns Newspapers that “Defend the Parasitic Bourgeoisie”

Maduro called on supporters to boycott private newspapers yesterday (Archive)

As the Venezuelan government continues to tackle speculative retail pricing, President Nicolas Maduro has urged supporters to boycott private newspapers.

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Venezuelan Government Action against Overpricing Welcomed by Citizens, Manipulated by Media

Clotilde Paomina with her new electrical goods purchased at prices forced down by the government, with members of her communal c

After clamping down on “grotesque” overpricing by electronics stores and proposing to set maximum profit margins, there have been some large queues outside such stores around Venezuela, while some shops have temporarily closed. The opposition and the private media have depicted the situation as “chaotic”, while the government has called on the organised grassroots to “guarantee order”.

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Opposition Use Presidential Security Decree to Label Venezuelan Government “Dictatorial”

The Bolivarian Militia at a ceremony in Merida (Tamara Pearson /

Earlier this month president Nicolas Maduro created a security body, the CESSPA, to coordinate information from intelligence organisations. Opposition spokespeople and private media have categorised the new body as “Castro-esque”, “dictatorial”, and “limiting free speech”.

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Venezuelan Government Renews Licence for Private TV Channel Televen

Televen headquarters (archive)

The Venezuelan government’s media regulator Conatel has renewed the public broadcast licence for private television channel Televen for five years “without conditions”, it was confirmed yesterday.

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Venezuela's Globovision "in Crisis” as it Loses More Journalists

Since its sale earlier this year, Globovision has sought to rebrand itself as a more moderate news source, after years of stagna

Eight employees of the private broadcaster Globovision have resigned this week, criticising the channel's new moderate editorial policy.

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Hugo Chavez Awarded Venezuela’s National Journalism Prize for “Democratisation of Communication”

The prize was handed to Chavez’s daughter, Maria Chavez, by President Nicolas Maduro during a ceremony in Venezuela’s presid

Late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has been awarded Venezuela’s National Journalism Prize posthumously for his role in promoting alternative media and the democratisation of communication.

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Venezuela’s Cadena Capriles Sold; Globovision to Receive New Director

The Cadena Capriles media group will come under new ownership over the next two months (El Carabobeño)

A major private Venezuelan media conglomerate, the Cadena Capriles, will come under new ownership over the next two months, while a new director is expected to take over television network Globovision in the coming weeks.

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