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News: Social Programs

Opposition Forcing “Silent Strike” in Some Venezuelan Universities

Jennifer Mujica speaking on VTV last night (VTV)

University authorities in the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and other key autonomous universities are “creating the conditions” for a “silent” or forced strike, according to Jennifer Mujica, a UCV student representative. 

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Venezuela’s Bolivarian University Opens New Campus

UBV graduates (YVKE)

A new campus of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela (UBV) has been inaugurated in Venezuela's Falcon state. The UBV offers free degree courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

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Venezuela Launches Mission to “Strengthen Mass Transit”

Public transport in Merida. (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has launched a “transport mission”, aimed at improving access to public transport.

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Venezuelan Government Hands Out 90 Ambulances to Communal Councils, Hospitals

The ambulances are equipped with the “latest technology”, according to the vice-president (AVN)

Yesterday the national government handed out ninety ambulances to a range of communal councils, Integral Diagnostic Centres (CDI) and hospitals.

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Food Card to Combat Scarcity Unveiled

“The Ensured Supply Card” is meant to combat contraband and speculation. (Globovision)

A controversial food card intended to combat scarcity was introduced on Sunday by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.  

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Thousands of Community Doctors Graduate from Government Health Program in Venezuela

(Prensa Presidencial)

During a ceremony held at the Presidential Palace of Miraflores in Caracas, head of state Nicolas Maduro presided over the graduation of a new group of community doctors on Monday to ensure healthcare for the nation’s poor.

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Venezuela’s University Education Mission Reaches Ten Years, 695,000 Students

Mission Sucre has provided many people with the opportunity to study at a university level (Prensa MPPEU)

Venezuela’s Mission Sucre has reached ten years of providing higher education to over 695,000 people, 379,000 of whom have already graduated.

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Venezuelan Government Continues to Provide Free HIV and AIDS Treatment

While the government is providing free HIV treatment and workshops, the virus is still stigmatised by many, affecting the abilit

Although the Venezuelan government has provided people with HIV or AIDS with free medicine and care since 2000, the health ministry met with national and regional coordinators of the HIV and AIDS national program to discuss strategies to improve the service on Friday.

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Venezuelan Government Creates Social Mission for Street Animals

Due to a lack of strict rules on the sterilisation of pets, street dogs are common in Venezuela.

The national government formally created the Mission Nevado on 30 December after a push by animal rights and environmental groups for greater assistance for street animals.

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Over 500,000 New Homes Created under Venezuela’s Housing Construction Program

Over 500,000 houses have been constructed since mid 2011 under the Venezuelan government’s mass housing construction program.

Over 500,000 houses have been constructed since mid 2011 under the Venezuelan government’s mass housing construction program.

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First Students of Caracas Latin American Medical School Graduate, New University Announced

Community medicine doctors graduating from the ELAM, with President Maduro (centre left) (Prensa Presidencial)

Yesterday President Nicolas Maduro announced that next year the government will create the Salvador Allende University of Health Sciences.

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Venezuela Proposes Expanding Mission Miracle to Other Mercosur Nations

Mission Miracle was launched with Cuban support in 2004 (Luis Laya)

The Minister of People’s Power for Health, Francisco Armada, said on Friday that the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) discussed Mission Miracle, a Venezuelan social program that grants free eye care, in order to make this health care strategy regional.

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University Students Rally in Venezuelan Capital

Students rallying in Caracas earlier today (VTV)

Thousands of Venezuelan higher education students marched through central Caracas to Miraflores Palace today to commemorate the national Day of the University Student.

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Venezuela Guarantees Population Access to Medicine


Within the framework of Mercosur, Venezuela is looking to strengthen public policies on healthcare to guarantee access to medicine for the entire population.

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Venezuelan Government Implements Strategy to Ensure Plentiful Christmas Season

Beginning on Friday 1 November and running to 15 December, state-run Christmas fairs will be opened to the public in every regio

The Venezuelan government is implementing a range of measures to ensure that all citizens are able to enjoy a plentiful Christmas season, especially those on lower incomes.

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