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News: Social Movements

Venezuelan LGBT Movement Submits Proposal for Same Sex Marriage

Venezuela’s LGBT movement today gathered outside Venezuela’s National Assembly to hand over a legal proposal for debate that

Venezuela’s LGBT movement today gathered outside the National Assembly to hand over a legal proposal for debate that would legalise same sex civil marriage in the South American country.

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Venezuelans Call for Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage UPDATED

March for sexual diversity in Merida in 2013 (Tamara Pearson/Venezuelanalysis)

Venezuelan LGBTI advocates have called on the country's National Assembly (AN) to vote in favour of a bill that would allow same-sex marriage.

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University Students Rally in Venezuelan Capital

Students rallying in Caracas earlier today (VTV)

Thousands of Venezuelan higher education students marched through central Caracas to Miraflores Palace today to commemorate the national Day of the University Student.

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Communist Party of Venezuela Youth Hold XII Congress

General Secretary of the communist youth, Hector Rodriguez, at the congress (PCV)

The recent national congress of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) declared the need for more “revolutionary measures” to combat the “economic sabotage” that Venezuela is facing.

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Expectations Surpassed as Over 1000 Communes Registered in Venezuela

Estimations of the number of communes in Venezuela were surpassed as 1,150 communes registered in a national census last weekend

Estimations of the number of communes in Venezuela have been surpassed, as 1,150 communes registered in a national census last weekend.

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“The Commune Has to Be the New Economic Power,” Says Venezuela’s Maduro

The presidential commission for communes being established yesterday (VTV)

The Venezuelan government established a presidential commission for communes yesterday, and President Nicolas Maduro has announced further measures to strengthen the political role of communal councils and communes in Venezuela.

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Maduro Demands Greater Government Support for Venezuela’s Communes

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (centre - right) called on his government to give greater support to the construction of com

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro yesterday called on his government to give greater support to the construction of communes in the country, proposing several initiatives by which this could be done. The head of state also announced a “complete restructuring” of his government.

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Attacks on Venezuela’s Worker Run Diana Industries Increase, Maduro Appoints New Manager

Diana worker talking to Aporrea outside the national assembly yesterday (Aporrea Tvi)

After over three weeks protesting the “imposition” of a manager on the worker-run factories of Industrias Diana, President Nicolas Maduro has appointed a new manager. However harassment of workers continues.

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“Revolutionary Solidarity” as New Commune is Created in Venezuela

The new commune was established after locals voted on its charter (Radio Comunitaria Dinira Libertaria/ANMCLA)

Venezuela's newest socialist commune has been established in the western state of Lara. Named after a 20th Century communist guerrilla, the commune brings together the ten communal councils of Hato Arriba.

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Venezuelan Universities March For and Against Strike

The march demanding that classes resume (MiPPCI / Miguel Moya)

Yesterday in Caracas, university students, professors, and employees carried out separate marches in favor of and against the current strikes being held in ten universities throughout Venezuela.

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Venezuelan Executive’s “Street Government” Criss-Crosses Regions

A meeting between Environment Minister Dante Rivas and environmentalists with the tree planting mission in El Valle, Mérida, as

President Nicolas Maduro and his ministerial team have been criss-crossing Venezuela as part of the “Gobierno de Calle”, or “Street Government”, initiative. The latest stop was in the Andean state of Mérida.

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Great Patriotic Pole to Participate in Venezuela’s Local Elections

In preparation for the 8 December municipal elections, in which 337 mayoral posts will be decided, Maduro indicated that the sel

“Against the fascist right wing, there is only one way to emerge victorious: the power of the people,” President Nicolas Maduro said in an address before the Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) in Caracas on Saturday afternoon.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Exhorts “Unity” at Mass Socialist Party Assembly

In an address to over 10,000 activists of the government’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro stressed that “unity” was necessary for the Bolivarian process to keep moving forward.

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Red Tide Sweeps Caracas as Venezuelan Presidential Campaign Ends (+images)

An aerial shot of central Caracas filling with Chavistas the day of Nicolas Maduro’s final campaign rally (Comando Hugo Chavez

Venezuela’s presidential election campaign reached an emotional close yesterday as both candidates made last bid attempts to win over votes.

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Venezuelan Government Launches “Movement for Peace”

Nicolas Maduro on a recent visit to the barrio Petare in Caracas (Prensa Miraflores)

Venezuelan Acting President Nicolas Maduro launched a new government initiative this week to work with communities and lower the country’s violent crime rate.

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