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Thirty Venezuelan Military Officials Allegedly Under Arrest for Coup Plotting

National Guard

Dundee, 14th April 2014 ( – Thirty Venezuelan military officers of different ranks, including several generals, have been arrested for alleged conspiracy to overthrow President Nicolas Maduro, a leading national newspaper has reported.

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Venezuelan National Guard Clears Protest-Hit City San Cristóbal of Barricades

Vladimir Padrino

London, 1st April 2014 ( – Venezuelan police and military forces have managed to clear militant opposition street barricades from the main avenues of the city of San Cristóbal, official and independent sources confirm.

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Three Venezuelan Air Force Generals Arrested for Alleged Coup Plotting

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested. (prensa

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro announced today that three generals of the Venezuelan Air Force have been arrested, after they were denounced by lower-ranking officials for their involvement in alleged coup plans.

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Civilians Support Venezuelan National Guard amid Media False Claims

GNB march

On the weekend civilians marched with National Bolivarian Guard (GNB) soldiers, and today the government declared part of Caracas “free” from violent protests. The march came as private media heightened its false statements about GNB actions.

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Venezuelan Government Sends Army to Combat “Grave” Opposition Disorder near Colombian Border

On Thursday the minister of interior affairs, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, announced that two army battalions would enter Táchira s

The Venezuelan government is to send two army battalions to Táchira state, which borders Colombia, to combat a “grave” case of opposition-promoted disorder in the area.

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Venezuelan Military's TV Channel Launched

A TV channel dedicated to the Venezuelan military was launched on Saturday (AVN)

A newly launched TV channel for Venezuela's armed forces will feature news, documentaries, soap operas and even a military-themed cooking show.

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Venezuela Revamps Air Defence

Maduro in Sucre state (Prensa Miraflores).

A “powerful anti-aircraft system” is being deployed in the west of Venezuela to counter future incursions into the country's airspace, President Nicolas Maduro announced on Wednesday.

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Carmen Meléndez, Venezuela’s First Female Minister of Defense, To Head New Military High Command

Carmen Meléndez, the new defense minister (AVN)

Admiral Carmen Melendez will be promoted to Admiral-in-Chief and Minister of Defense, making her the first female to head the country’s Armed Forces, President Nicolas Maduro announced in a ceremony on Friday afternoon. 

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Corporate Media Drones on about Venezuela’s Defence Program

Last week the Venezuelan government demonstrated its Arpia Drones System (Minci)

After President Nicolas Maduro attended a military display in Aragua state which included Venezuela’s three unarmed drones, some mainstream media has highlighted Venezuela’s defence program, stressing Venezuela’s relationship with Iran.

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Venezuelan Soldiers to Patrol alongside Police to Fight Crime

The plan involves national guard, police, and people’s guards working together (MIJ)

The Venezuelan government announced that it is implementing a short term plan, called ‘Safe Homeland’, to fight crime. Members of the Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB) will patrol areas of Venezuela with the highest crime rates.

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Venezuelan Government Declares Temporary State of Emergency in Electricity Sector

Venezuelans pay around 12Bs per month for residential electricity bills (archive).

Venezuela's government declared a state of emergency in the national electricity system yesterday. It will last for 90 days, and aims to attend to increased demand and protect electricity infrastructure from sabotage.

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Former Colombian Defence Minister Admits Sending Drones into Venezuela

Ex Colombian Defence Minister Gabriel Silva (VTV)

Colombia sent spy planes into Venezuela in 2009 and 2010 and publicly lied about the intelligence activities at the time, a former Colombian defence minister has revealed.

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Venezuela Increases Benefits for Soldiers

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez at a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of Venezuela’s National Guard last Friday (patriagr

In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Venezuela’s National Guard, President Hugo Chavez announced last Friday the creation of a new social program directed at increasing benefits for members of the country’s armed forces.

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Venezuela Achieving Greater Participation of Women in the Armed Forces

Women in the Bolivarian Armed Forces (Referencial)

Carmen Melendez, first Admiral of Venezuela, said on Sunday that the full inclusion of Venezuelan women in the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) has been achieved during Hugo Chavez’s presidential rule. 

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Venezuelan Opposition Falsifies Document as Part of Strategy to “Attack” the Armed Forces

The forged document (right) with the changes made to the original (AVN).

Opposition candidate Henrique Capriles gave a speech directed at Venezuela’s army, then posted a forged document online suggesting that the government was censuring the speech, in what president Hugo Chavez has said is part of a plan to “divide” the armed forces.

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