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News: Labor and Workers' Control

Venezuelan Milk Workers Demand Worker Control Following Sabotage

Lacteos Los Andes plant (Lacteos Los Andes)

On Monday, 300 workers from Lacteos Los Andes rallied outside the Venezuelan national assembly in order to request administrative and financial intervention into the company. 

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Venezuela’s Diana Industries Workers Claim Victory in Struggle vs. Managerial “Imposition”

Diana Industries Workers Hector Mieres (left) and Omar Pinto (

Workers at Diana Industries have welcomed the appointment of a new company manager this week, claiming victory in their fight to prevent the “imposition” of businessman David Mendoza as head of the worker-run company. 

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Attacks on Venezuela’s Worker Run Diana Industries Increase, Maduro Appoints New Manager

Diana worker talking to Aporrea outside the national assembly yesterday (Aporrea Tvi)

After over three weeks protesting the “imposition” of a manager on the worker-run factories of Industrias Diana, President Nicolas Maduro has appointed a new manager. However harassment of workers continues.

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Cooking Oil Socialist Workers’ Council Protests Minister’s “Imposition” of Manager

Workers protesting at their Industrias Diana plant in Valencia (Jenmar Rojas / Noticias24 Carabobo)

Workers from the worker run Industrias Diana plants are protesting the decision of food minister Felix Osorio to designate businessman David Mendoza as manager of the company.

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In First National Meeting, Venezuelan Workers Group Resolves to Advance Union Rights and Benefits

The meeting took place last weekend in Caracas (Prensa Patria Socialista)

In the first national meeting of the Workers for a Socialist Homeland held in Caracas last weekend, over 200 members agreed upon several resolutions aimed at advancing union rights and benefits.

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Venezuela Increases Local Chocolate Production

The Los Teques Cimarron plant (PSUV Miranda)

Yesterday members of the Venezuelan national government inaugurated another chocolate factory, part of a push to increase local production of a product which for centuries was Venezuela’s main export, but was always processed and consumed overseas.

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Venezuelan Workplace Inspectors Protest their Working Conditions

INPSASEL workers outside the work ministry (Delegados Prevencion)

Public health and safety inspectors from Vargas, Aragua, Miranda, and Carabobo states protested in Caracas yesterday, calling for the resignation of the president of Venezuela’s work security institute, INPSASEL. Other protests were also held around the country outside INPSASEL.

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Venezuelan Workers Meet for Worker Control Congress

Participants attending a presentation in the main hall (Néstor Ferrebus)

Activists from across the Venezuelan labour movement met last weekend for the country’s first ever Workers’ Congress, where workers discussed workplace democracy and the construction of socialism.

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Venezuelan University Workers Receive Salary Increase, Protests Continue

The agreement, announced by Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla, will see 25% salary increases for Sept. 1 and Ja

The Venezuelan government and university representatives have agreed to salary and benefit increases for university employees in three increments, Minister for University Education Pedro Calzadilla announced on Friday night. 

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Workers in Venezuela’s Nationalised Hotels Demand Respect for Labour Rights

Venetur union representatives announcing points agreed after their worker assembly on Tuesday (prensa Marea Socialista)

Workers in Venezuela’s nationalised Venetur hotel chain are demanding respect for their labour rights and pushing for a say in management decisions. 

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"Part of the Transition to Socialism": Venezuela's Labour Law Comes into Effect

Workers across the country celebrated the imminent implementation of the Lottt this year on 1 May (VTV/Archive)

Venezuela's new Labour Law for Workers (Lottt) came into effect this week, guaranteeing shorter working hours, longer maternity leave and pensions for all Venezuelans.

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Venezuelan Government Aims to Revamp Industry in Bolivar State

With the appointing of new management and more funding for state manufacturing enterprises, the Venezuelan government hopes to i

The Venezuelan government appointed new management and renewed investment in the state-owned conglomerate Corporacion Venezolana de Guayana (CVG) and its subsidiaries, in efforts to raise production in Venezuela's industrial sector.

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Large May Day Marches in Venezuela as Workers’ Law Comes into Effect

President Nicolas Maduro in the pro-government May Day march in Caracas today (AVN)

Today both pro-government and opposition supporters held large marches in Caracas, as well as smaller ones around the country, to mark International Workers Day. While government supporters celebrated a minimum wage increase and the labour law, opponents of the government demanded a “fair wage”.

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Application of Venezuela's Labor Law Advances

Labor Minister Maria Cristina Iglesias (Presidential Press)

Labor Minister Maria Cristina Iglesias announced this week that the Labor Ministry will be intensifying meetings with public sector and state-run companies in the upcoming weeks to ensure the correct application of the Labor Law for Workers.

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Unions March in Venezuela over Labor Rights

Unete labor activists march in Caracas (archive)

Union representatives from the labor organization Unete marched through the streets of Caracas on Wednesday to demand a resolution to various labor conflicts in public and private companies.

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