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News: Labor and Workers' Control

Venezuelan Workers Demand Nationalisation of Automotive Industry

An automotive worker's rally in 2007 (UNT)

Venezuelan automotive workers have slammed multinational car manufacturers for cutting back production in the country, while the country's largest trade union federation has called for the nationalisation of the industry.

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Motorcyclists Propose Education Plan as Venezuelan Government Mulls Night Ban

Motorcyclists on a road in Caracas (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

An organisation representing Venezuelan motorcyclists has called for a road safety education plan in response to a controversial proposal to ban motorbikes after dark in Caracas.

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Car Assembly Workers Say Sector Faces Difficulty in Venezuela

A Venezuelan car assembly worker union has warned that the sector faces production and labour difficulties, and has requested th

A Venezuelan car assembly worker union has warned that the sector faces production and labour difficulties, and has requested that the government implements a strategy to promote greater national car manufacturing.

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Venezuela’s Maduro Signs Decrees to Promote Savings and Labour Stability

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has passed a series of economic measures to protect job stability and savings. (prensa presi

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro passed a series of economic decrees to protect job stability and savings on Wednesday.

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Venezuelan Metro Workers Vote for Revolutionary Union Leadership

The Caracas metro (archive)

One of the most important Venezuelan trade unions overwhelmingly voted in favor of the revolutionary presidency of Edison Alvarado this week, as the Caracas Metro Workers Union (Sitrameca) elected its leadership.

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Venezuelan Meat Packing Workers Protest Abuses Following Alleged Repression

On Wednesday over 150 Souto Group workers in Valencia protested Monday’s assault in front of the local courthouse. They demand

Venezuelan meat packing workers protested Wednesday against the repression of factory occupations by local security forces.

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Workers March against Venezuelan Business Federation to Protest “Economic War”

Pro-government trade unions marched against Venezuela’s main business federation last week to protest the “economic war” t

Pro-government trade unions marched against Venezuela’s main business federation last week to protest the “economic war” that workers argue the federation is waging against the government. 

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Workers End 22 Day Strike at Venezuela's Sidor

Last night's announcement ends a strike that has lasted more than three weeks, and reportedly cost the company millions of

Employees of Venezuela's largest steel producer have returned to work, after a partial resolution to a long running pay dispute was reached between the company and workers yesterday.

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Strikes Continue at Venezuela's Sidor

Sidor is one of South America's largest steel producers, but output has struggled in recent years (El Carabobeño)

Labour strikes have resumed at Venezuela's largest steel producer, just days after workers and management seemingly reached a resolution to a long-standing pay dispute.

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Venezuelan University Strikes End, Not Everyone Returns to Class

The university protests were aimed at the national government (Tamara Pearson /

Despite teachers at the University of the Andes (ULA) and Central University of Venezuela (UCV) voting to end strikes, students at the ULA have reported that not all classes have resumed.

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Workers in Venezuelan State Run Companies Protest “Bureaucratic” Management

Lacteos Los Andes workers gathering for a protest and meeting with the Venezuelan presidency on Tuesday (Aporrea)

Workers in several Venezuelan state owned companies have launched protests against what they call “bureaucratic” management, instead advocating that the companies be run under a worker control model.

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Venezuelan Milk Workers Demand Worker Control Following Sabotage

Lacteos Los Andes plant (Lacteos Los Andes)

On Monday, 300 workers from Lacteos Los Andes rallied outside the Venezuelan national assembly in order to request administrative and financial intervention into the company. 

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Venezuela’s Diana Industries Workers Claim Victory in Struggle vs. Managerial “Imposition”

Diana Industries Workers Hector Mieres (left) and Omar Pinto (

Workers at Diana Industries have welcomed the appointment of a new company manager this week, claiming victory in their fight to prevent the “imposition” of businessman David Mendoza as head of the worker-run company. 

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Attacks on Venezuela’s Worker Run Diana Industries Increase, Maduro Appoints New Manager

Diana worker talking to Aporrea outside the national assembly yesterday (Aporrea Tvi)

After over three weeks protesting the “imposition” of a manager on the worker-run factories of Industrias Diana, President Nicolas Maduro has appointed a new manager. However harassment of workers continues.

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Cooking Oil Socialist Workers’ Council Protests Minister’s “Imposition” of Manager

Workers protesting at their Industrias Diana plant in Valencia (Jenmar Rojas / Noticias24 Carabobo)

Workers from the worker run Industrias Diana plants are protesting the decision of food minister Felix Osorio to designate businessman David Mendoza as manager of the company.

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