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News: Indigenous and Afro-Venezuelans

Six People Accused of Murdering Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Go to Trial

There have been regular protests demanding that Sabino’s murderers be captured (archive)

Six people are now on trial for their alleged involvement in the murder of Yukpa leader Sabino Romero earlier this year. Those who allegedly paid them to commit the crime, however, are still at large.

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Yanomami From Brazil and Venezuela Denounce Illegal Miners and Lack of Health Care

Yanomami Indians have expressed their serious concern about illegal mining on their land (Victor  Englebert/ Survival Internatio

Yanomami Indians from Brazil and Venezuela met last month in Venezuela to discuss indigenous rights and national policies. Government officials from both countries, indigenous organizations and NGOs working with the Yanomami also attended.

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Indigenous Yukpa Venezuelans Suffer Unidentified Illness

Around 1.5% of Venezuelans indentify as indigenous (Yukpa, Bari and Wayuu pictured above). (Global Response)

Venezuelan authorities are investigating an unexplained illness affecting the country's indigenous Yukpa people that has so far claimed five lives and affected dozens more over the past week.

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134 Indigenous Students to Study at Venezuela’s Latin American University of Medicine

The incorporation comes as part of a university initiative aimed at spreading education and health care to geographically isolat

An event celebrated on Friday, the United Nations International Day of the World’s Indigenous People, recognized 134 students from indigenous communities throughout Venezuela who will be incorporated into the Latin American University of Medicine -Salvador Allende.

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Venezuelan Authorities Arrest Suspect of Murder of Indigenous Yukpa Leader

Romero was an iconic advocate for indigenous land rights in Venezuela (Panorama)

A suspect in the murder of Yukpa chief Sabino Romero was arrested in Caracas on Wednesday, but according to interior minister Miguel Rodriguez Torres, more arrests could be made.

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Venezuelan Government Commits to Resolving Indigenous Yukpa Land Issue

Sabino Romero (archive)

Following the murder of indigenous Yukpa leader Sabino Romero three weeks ago, a committee of 17 Yukpa met yesterday with the minister for foreign affairs, Elias Jaua, who promised to make payments so their lands could be inhabited by them.

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Assassination of Venezuelan Yukpa Chief Sabino Romero Leads to Criticisms

A protest on 3 March this year, the banner reads "Enough of criminalising the struggle of our indigenous peoples" (Pro

The assassination of indigenous Yukpa chief Sabino Romero on Saturday 3 March has led to public criticisms of the Venezuelan government’s handling of the land rights conflict in the Sierra de Perijá region. 

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Venezuelan Indigenous Yukpa Leader Sabino Romero Assassinated

Yukpa Chief Sabino Romero, an indigenous and land rights activist, was assassinated on Sunday night (AVN)

Indigenous Yupka chief and land rights activist Sabino Romero has been assassinated in an act which has generated public repudiation from social movements and the Venezuelan government alike. A high profile investigation into the killing has been launched. 

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Venezuelan Government to Hold Assembly With Yukpa Indigenous Group

Yukpas outside Miraflores Palace in Caracas (Havana times)

The Venezuelan government has announced that it will hold an assembly with the Yukpa indigenous group in order to resolve the ongoing conflict over land rights in the western region of Perijá.

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Venezuelan Indigenous Arrive in Caracas to Demand Land Rights

Yukpa spokesperson Zenaida Romero (

More than sixty members of the Venezuelan indigenous ethnic group Yukpa arrived to the capital city on Wednesday to demand a resolution to ongoing violence and aggression from cattle ranchers on indigenous lands near the Colombian border.

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Venezuela: 'No Evidence' of Yanomami Killing

Last Monday members of the Yanomami indigenous people alleged that 80 were killed in an attack on a Yanomami village. (yaesnotic

Venezuelan officials investigating a reported mass killing of Yanomami indigenous people say they have found no evidence of the alleged attack.

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Caracas Hosts National Conference on Venezuelan Cultural Diversity

An event during the close of the 7th National Cultural Diversity Conference in Caracas yesterday (Primicias24)

Close to 2,000 representatives of communities from all over Venezuela arrived in Caracas last Monday to participate in the country’s 7th National Cultural Diversity Conference.

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Amazon Tribe Massacre Alleged in Venezuela

80Yanomami indigenous peoples were allegedly killed in the attack (Venevision)

A massacre of up to 80 Yanomami indigenous people has taken place in the Venezuelan state of Amazonas, according to claims emerging from the region, prompting the government to send in investigators.


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Venezuela Moves towards Completion of Land Demarcation Process for Indigenous Communities

The land grants announcement was made at the closing of the V Great National Congress “Abya Yala” of Indigenous Peoples for

The Venezuelan government granted 27 land titles to indigenous peoples in Amazonas, Anzoátegui and Monagas states, to coincide with celebrations for International Indigenous Peoples Day on Thursday. 

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Five More Indigenous Venezuelans Murdered

Alexander Fernández Fernández (archive)

Venezuelan activist website Aporrea has reported the murder of Yukpa-Wayuu activist Alexander Fernandez Fernandez and two others, who were leaders and members of the Yukpa movement fighting for their land in Zulia state, Machiques de Perija municipality.

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