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Venezuela in images

Third International Percussion Festival in Barlovento, Venezuela

The festival celebrations began on August 27th (teleSUR/Rachael Boothroyd)

More than 350 percussionists from Chile, Colombia, Peru, South Africa and several states of Venezuela took part in the third  International Percussion Festival of Barlovento 2014 (FIPBAR).

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Chocolate, a "Tool for Liberation" in Venezuela

The hand painted shell of the cocoa pod (teleSUR/Rachael Boothroyd)

A chocolate fair in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the SENIAT, organised by the Our Land Foundation, a non profit organization which works with a number of chocolate cooperatives, collectives and small enterprises

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Photos: Venezuela's “Hugo Chavez” Shelter for Palestinian Child Refugees Revealed

The Venezuelan government has released images of the “Hugo Chavez” shelter where incoming Palestinian child refugees of the Israeli assault on the Gaza strip will be housed.

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Venezuelans Rally in Support of Palestine

Ewan Robertson -

On Saturday 2 August, members of progressive and left-wing organisations mobilised in cities throughout Venezuela in order to demand peace in the Israel Gaza conflict and condemn what they called the "massacre" of Palestinian civilians by Israeli security forces. covered a pro-Palestine protest in the Andean city of Mérida, where hundreds of activists gathered to make their views on the conflict known.

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In Images: The Bolivarian Movement Celebrates Hugo Chavez’s 60th Birthday

A well-wisher writes a message at the Cuartel de la Montaña (alba ciudad)

On Monday 28 July, Venezuelan’s Bolivarian movement celebrated 60 years since the birth of former president Hugo Chavez.

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Venezuelans Celebrate 203 Years of Independence on July 5th, 2014

An honored unit of the Bolivarian National Guard received special applause for their struggles to control the counter-revolution

Tens of thousands filled the grandstands that line the kilometer-long parade ground, Paseo de los Proceres, to celebrate Venezuela's 203rd Independence Day, July 5, 2014.

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LGBTQ & Allies Show their Colors during the 2014 Caracas Pride Parade

Venezuelans march in the 14th annual Pride Parade in Caracas. (VTV)

On Sunday, June 29th, Venezuelan members of the LGBTQ community and allies marched through the Venezuelan capital, Caracas. The demonstrators came from many different social sectors and represented a wide variety of political beliefs.

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A Glimpse at Communal Council Elections in Venezuela

Residents take a look at the list of candidates (Rachael Boothroyd - Venezuelanalysis)

On Saturday 7 June, neighbourhood residents in the community of Isais Medina Angarita in the Venezuelan state of Sucre held elections for their communal council, called "the Good Neighbour". 

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Venezuelan Commune Members Meet to Advance Movement for Community Self-Organisation & Production

The weekend meeting was held in the small town of Mesa Bolivar, situated on a plateau in the foothills of the Venezuelan Andes.

On the weekend of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 May, over 600 commune activists representing dozens on communes in the state of Mérida in the Venezuelan Andes met to build greater links between themselves and to advance their movement for community self organisation and production, what they refer to as “people’s self government”.

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The 2014 South American Beach Games Open in Vargas, Venezuela

The opening ceremony on Wednesday, 14th May (YOSET MONTES Y MIGUEL ANGULO PRENSA MIRAFLORES)

The 2014 South American Beach Games have begun in Vargas, Venezuela.

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Community volunteers help build housing

Voluntary work in El Tigre 2030, Píritu, Anzoátegui

Communes minister Reinaldo Iturriza announced this Saturday the creation of 400 volunteer work fronts for building of housing. 

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Alternative Photography, Alternative Education

(Asier Rojas)

The alternative school of Pueblo Nuevo, Merida, aims to empower children by involving them in their learning processes, in their community, and placing communication in their hands: involving them in radio production, video production, and here; photography.  

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Venezuela's Revolutionary Students

Students from more than 30 universities marched in Caracas  for peace on 22 March. (Carlos Contreras /AVN)

Most of Venezuela's students aren't manning the barricades – many firmly back the government, and have opposed opposition violence.

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A Tale of Two Cities: A Photo Essay of Protests & Polarisation in Mérida, Venezuela

Album cover: a barricade in Mérida

This photo essay follows the development of the unrest from the beginning, and looks at the current state of a town divided between the eerie tension of the barricades and the bustling normality of the rest of the city.

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Venezuela Remembers Chavez

A march in Merida. (Ewan Robertson/Venezuelanalysis)

The one year anniversary of former Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez's death was commemorated across Venezuela on 5 March.

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