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Analysis: Social Programs

Victor Alvarez: “Venezuela’s Currency Controls Are No Longer Justified, and Are Only Used as a Means of Political Domination”

Victor Alvarez (

Leftist economist and former high-ranking government official Victor Alvarez offers a critical perspective on state economic policy under the Bolivarian Revolution, arguing that it has perpetuated a neo-rentier logic via exchange controls and other measures that must be abandoned for socialism to advance.

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“Model of Tyranny” Criticism of Venezuela’s El Sistema Youth Orchestra System Provokes Response

An open concert in 2011 at the Nucleo of Santa Cruz in the Andean state of Merida, to the west of Venezuela. It is one of 180 ce

A British academic has criticised Venezuela’s El Sistema youth orchestra system as a “model of tyranny”, provoking a response from a range of UK and Venezuelan music figures over the nature of the world famous program.

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Is Poverty Still Falling in Venezuela?

A barrio (informally constructed urban community) in Caracas, with the buildings painted under the urban regeneration social pro

This article examines the claim that poverty is rising in Venezuela by examining the country’s latest poverty statistics, as well as exploring current efforts at further poverty reduction.

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Update: Childcare Workers Suspend Vigil, Begin Negotiations inside Venezuela’s National Assembly

A few of the childcare workers towards the end of day 2 of vigil (Arlene Eisen)

Ten days ago, with at least one representative from each of Venezuela’s 23 states, some 100 childcare workers gathered for a vigil outside the National Assembly. They vowed they would stay until the government acted on their demands for a living wage, benefits and recognition as workers.

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Undocumented Migrants in Venezuela Have More Rights than US Citizens in the US

"Bye friend, return soon", says the sign at one of Venezuela's border points (archive)

While most first world and imperialist countries criminalise refugees and undocumented migrants, scapegoating them, promoting racism, and mistreating them, Venezuela welcomes all migrants, and provides them with the same rights as Venezuelan citizens.

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Venezuela Led Region in Poverty Reduction in 2012, ECLAC Says

(Carlos Vera/ECLAC)

ECLAC’s new “Social Panorama of Latin America” report notes that Venezuela and Ecuador led the region in decreasing poverty in 2012.

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More Than A Plate of Food: Food Houses Serve Examples and Hopes of Life

A food house (Archive)

State news agency AVN speaks with the proprietor of a Caracas food house; a government program that provides free meals to people in need.

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The "Doctors of Socialism"? Meet Venezuela’s Community Doctors

A group of trainee community doctors on a celebratory march in Caracas. Their placards read “healthcare is a right, let’s de

Late President Hugo Chavez argued that Venezuela’s community doctors must be “doctors of socialism”; committed to free public healthcare and community service. These interviews with recently graduated community doctors from Venezuela, Colombia and Bolivia give a firsthand insight into the new kind of doctor Venezuela is creating for itself and the wider world.

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Attending Need, Not Profit: Venezuela’s Experiment with Community Medicine

The February 2012 graduation of the first wave of community doctors, of which there were over 8000 in total (AVN)

How should the healthcare needs of a society be met? Conspicuously absent from international media coverage and under fire from conservative critics at home, Venezuela is developing a public healthcare system distinct from both U.S. market-driven and European welfare-state models. Perhaps nothing makes this system more unique than the kind of doctors being trained to run it.

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Venezuela's Communal Economic System

A young woman and her baby standing on the plot of land that has been prepared for the construction of her new home (Helen Yaffe

In this series of articles, Helen Yaffe discusses her experience with Venezuela's communal economic system.

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Bolivarian Education in Venezuela

(José Correa/ Juventud Rebelde)

I never heard the words “accountability”or“high stakes testing” once in a recent educator delegation to Venezuela. As a U.S. professor of teacher education, I seldom have discussions about education policies and realities in my own country without confronting these fraught concepts. But in the schools and educational systems of Venezuela? Not part of the discussion.

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Science for Need not Greed: Venezuela’s Optical Instrument Plant

Elias Sanchez with some of the telescope prototypes (Tamara Pearson/

In these interviews with three workers at Venezuela’s new telescope plant, looks at how scientific work and community work can go hand in hand, and how science can be used as a tool for liberation and human development.

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We’ve Definitely Arrived at the Inevitable

One prominent Venezuelan intellectual and activist’s perspective on the current political situation and tasks ahead, Denis argues that there is a larger opening now for the opposition to take power, and that the grassroots are talking of regrouping, and are at a “critical crossroads”.

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In Revolution, the Disabled Have a Voice

(Ewan Robertson /

The corridors are always packed in the Metropolitan Council of Popular Power for People with Disabilities, situated in a building just down the street from Plaza Diego Ibarra in Caracas. Wheelchairs come and go, sometimes squeezing to the side in order to let another person pass first... 

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Venezuela: ‘We spend more, in order to gain more’

The deep social changes are described to me as ‘the process’. Governments that came before the election of Hugo Chàvez in 1998 are grouped as ‘the Fourth Republic’. Venezuelans, now living in the Fifth Republic, do not want those days to return.

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