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Analysis: Social Movements

In Their Own Words: Venezuelan Workers Reclaim the Streets

(Harry Greatorex)

These interviews reflect what is at stake for Venezuela’s working classes as destabilisation attempts continue and international concern mounts. The significant achievement of the Bolivarian Revolution is in progressive legislation and in writing new national narratives, oriented to reflect the concerns and stories of the previously excluded. 

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Venezuela: Where the Wealthy Stir Violence While the Poor Build a New Society


Artist and documentary filmmaker Dario Azzellini argues that millions of Venezuelans live their lives normally, solving problems through community organizing and government initiatives, while international media exaggerates the claims of middle class protestors that the nation is in the midst of a devastating crisis. According to Dario, the manifestations are hardly protests, but the waging of war.

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Venezuela: Chavistas Debate the Pace of Change

Mural in the barrio of La Vega, Caracas. Photo by Sujatha Fernandes.

The violent anti-government protests that shook Venezuela in February have once again thrust the issue of the pace of change into the broader debate over socialist transformation. Radical Chavistas, reflecting the zeal of the movement’s rank and file, call for a deepening of the “revolutionary process,” while moderate Chavistas favor concessions to avoid an escalation of the violence. The same dilemma confronted the socialist government of Salvador Allende in the early 1970s, but under different political circumstances.

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Demonising the "Colectivos": Demonising the Grassroots

Chavista supporters in El Vigia (archive)

As it's prone to do, the private media has invented a new thing. In both English and Spanish they are calling it colectivos, and these collectives are meant to be irrational, cruel, grotesque armed motorbike riders who “enforce” the revolution and are responsible for most of the current violence. 

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Call to Action in Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the Venezuelan Peasant Movement

logo of vía campesina

We, Vía Campesina Internacional, the international peasant movement that brings together over 200 million families in 77 countries, express our solidarity with the Venezuelan people, their peasant movement Bolivarian Revolution – currently the victim of an imperialist crusade that, together with reactionary right-wing forces, conspires within Venezuela and abroad in an attempt to retake the power they lost legitimately, democratically, and repeatedly at the ballot box.

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Venezuelan Jacobins

(Juan Barreto/AFP)

It is not the Venezuelan Jacobins that will save us, but the sansculottes.

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Venezuela Is Not Occupy: U.S. Congress Got It Wrong

vendetta mask protester

With demonstrating students in the streets confronting state security forces, the recent unrest and violence in Venezuela superficially bears a resemblance to the Occupy Movement that began in New York City’s Zuccotti Park on September 2011. But the similarity ends there.

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Video: Tariq Ali Remembers Hugo Chavez


The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in Britain on February 20, 2014, sponsored the inaugural Hugo Chavez Memorial Lecture in London. The speaker was internationally renowned Marxist author Tariq Ali.

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Venezuelan Barrio Organization Calls for Peace

With few exceptions, most international media coverage of the recent protests in Venezuela gives little sense of the response from the popular social movement actors who support the Maduro government but operate independently from it.

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Venezuelan Open Source Software Communities Condemn Media Manipulation

(Patrick Seeger/DPA/Archive)

Free Software and Free Knowledge communities repudiate media manipulation and Internet use to promote terrorism against Venezuela.

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Venezuela: The Current Counter-Revolutionary Offensive and How to Deal With it

The pro-government march this week in Caracas (AVN)

For the last two weeks there has been a violent campaign of rioting on the part of a small number of opposition supporters in Venezuela. They have blockaded streets and avenues (mainly in the middle and upper class areas of urban centres) in an attempt to force the removal of president Maduro. What is the meaning of these actions and how should they be confronted?

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Venezuela and the Battle against Transgenic Seeds

Photo Source: Office of Medical and Scientific Justice

Over the past two months, efforts to introduce a bill in the Venezuelan National Assembly that could have paved the way for the entrance of transgenic seeds into the country met stiff opposition from the agroecology and ecosocialist movements, stopping Monsanto and other GM firms from getting a foothold in the country.

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Building Communes Isn’t Just About Defending the Revolution, It’s About Moving Forward

Duilliam Virigay is a national spokesperson of the Simon Bolivar National Communal Front (FNCSB) and the Bolivar and Zamora  Rev

Duilliam Virigay. National Spokesman of the Simon Bolivar National Communal Front (FNCSB), describes the interesting yet difficult challenges faced by Venezuela’s radical experiment with participatory democracy.

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The New Federation of Automobile and Related Industry Workers is Born (Interview)

View of the plenary session of the founding congress of the Federation of Automobile and Related Industry Workers (

On Saturday 26 October in the Municipal Theatre of Valencia, Carabobo state, the founding congress of the new Federation of Automobile and Related Industry Workers was held.

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The Revolution Has Brought Substantial Improvements to Working-Class Neighbourhoods

Hillside barrios in Caracas (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

An interview with Yasmin Zabala and Hector Acosta, social activists from Caracas' barrio 23 de Enero

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