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Analysis: Law and Justice

In Order to Overcome Corruption in Venezuela

"Revolution without corruption" reads this mural in Venezuela

Venezuelan writer Luis Britto Garcia looks at the historical origins, current manifestations of, and possible solutions to the issue of corruption in Venezuela.

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What You Need to Know About the Enabling Law

Four Enabling Laws were approved under late President Hugo Chavez (Correo del Orinoco)

The President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, has announced that he will ask for special powers to legislate against corruption. In the battle of the revolutionary government against this scourge, the possibility looms of a new Enabling Law. To better understand this legal mechanism, Correo del Orinoco presents a summary of the subject.

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"Under Any Condition, the Revolutionary Morale": An Interview with Julian Conrado

Conrado (

An excerpt of an interview by with Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) member Guillermo Torres Cueter, known as Julian Conrado, or “The Singer.” 

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Debate: Gun Control Reform in Venezuela


As part of the debate on gun control in Venezuela, Hanson looks at the impact of Venezuela's gun reform on police, right to self defense, and the arms market.

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The Judicial Coup Advances

Luis Britto Garcia (VTV)

Venezuelan writer and lawyer Luis Britto Garcia explores how opposition leader Henrique Capriles hopes to use international judicial bodies to challenge the 14 April presidential election, and predicts that “a grave judicial battle is brewing”.

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Venezuela: ‘We spend more, in order to gain more’

The deep social changes are described to me as ‘the process’. Governments that came before the election of Hugo Chàvez in 1998 are grouped as ‘the Fourth Republic’. Venezuelans, now living in the Fifth Republic, do not want those days to return.

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We’re Not Going to Allow Shortages or Messing with Prices

Indepabis president Consuelo Cerrada (archive)

The Venezuelan government continues its fight against price speculation, hoarding and sporadic shortages of certain products. translates this interview with the president of Indepabis, the government’s consumer protection body charged with inspecting businesses and ensuring that companies abide by laws on price controls and other measures to guarantee the population’s access to goods and services.

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We Need a Mass Movement to Push For the Law Against Forgetting

Fernando Soto Rojas (AVN)

“We need a mass movement to lead the struggle to demand justice for the crimes of the Pacto de Punto Fijo era (1958-1998),” says parliamentarian Fernando Soto Rojas in this interview with Venezuelan daily Ciudad CCS.

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“Those Who Do Their Job Shouldn’t Fear Inspection”: Interview with Venezuela’s “Inspector”, Admiral Carmen Meléndez

Admiral Carmen Melendez (Ciudad CCS)

Tired of hearing that public works and government projects are not functioning like they should, President Hugo Chavez has given instructions for Carmen Melendez to do on-site supervisions and to bring back the names of those responsible. The very possibility her visiting public institutions suspected of inefficiency will send some into a panic, and make others tremble.

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Terrorist Accomplice Supports Venezuelan Opposition Candidate

Ricardo Koesling (

Ricardo Koesling, the leader of opposition political party Piedra (“Rock” in English) who declared “we’ll use bullets, fists, kicks, everything we’ve got, to force the Chavistas out” and publicly reiterated his ongoing support for right-wing candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski, just happens to be the top Caraca sbased boss of Miami’s Cuban- American Mafia and the Venezuelan link in Luis Posada Carriles’ international terrorist network.

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Open Borders and Open Hearts: How the Venezuelan State Addresses its Population of Colombian Refugees

“Welcome to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” reads the sign on the Venezuelan – Colombian border in Zulia state (EFE)

Stephanie Kennedy analyses the Venezuelan state’s response to the influx of refugees resulting from Colombia’s on-going internal conflict, and the experience of Colombians upon arrival in Venezuela.

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Citizen Security from a Leftist Perspective: International Conference in Venezuela

“The Left and Public Security Policy” conference took place in Venezuela’s National Experimental University of Security (U

Founded in 2009, the UNES was conceived of as a totally new way of training police officers and reforming policing methods. The proposal of the UNES in itself is incredible, but also somewhat daunting. In short, to fundamentally transform the power relationship between the police and society.

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The Latest Howlers From Human Rights Watch on Venezuela

José Miguel Vivanco, Americas director of Human Rights Watch (EFE)

Predictably, election season in Venezuela has come with yet another voluminous report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) that mostly rehashes the debunked claims of its 2008 report.

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Violence and Other Questions

Silvio Rodriguez (archive)

Cuban revolutionary singer Silvio Rodriguez provides a brief analysis of the roots of violence in Venezuela.

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Insecurity in Venezuela: a Class Issue

Venezuela's new Bolivarian police force in barrio Mamera in Caracas (Rachael Boothroyd/Venezuelanalysis)

This article conveys the position of the Venezuelan sector of the Internatioanl Marxist Current (CMI) on the issue of crime, analysising the root causes of it, and criticising the limits of the Bolivarian government's response.

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