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Analysis: International

Venezuela: Shunned by the Left?

Pro-government rally in Merida in 12 February (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim/Venezuelanalysis)

ZNet's Michael Albert analyses why there is so little coverage of Venezuela by the international left.

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US Support for Regime Change in Venezuela is a Mistake


The US push to topple the Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro once again pits Washington against South America.

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US Foreign Policy in Latin America Leaves an Open Door for China

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (right) with Chinese prime minister Li Keqiang last Septmber (EFE)

Economist Mark Weisbrot argues that China could provide credit lines to back up Venezuela and Argentina’s currencies in order to counteract U.S. designs for the Latin American region.

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Brookings Institution Calls on Obama to Support a Hypothetical Coup Against Venezuela's Maduro (+video)

Harold Trinkunas (Club de Prensa)

On Thursday, the Brookings Institution issued a memo to President Obama titled “Venezuela Breaks Down in Violence.”

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Latest Human Rights Watch Report: 30 Lies about Venezuela

Jose Vivanco, HRW Americas division head (archive)

In its annual report HRW manages to tell at least 30 lies about Venezuela, in just six pages.


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Venezuela Chairs Committee on Draconian Anti-Haitian Citizenship Ruling

Maduro with Haiti's Martelly (Prensa Presidencial)

In contrast to the neocolonial actions of the United States, Canada, and others who have worked to undermine Haiti’s reconstruction, stands Venezuela—now one of Haiti’s key allies, and one who has broken from the anti-people reconstruction policies and aligned itself in solidarity with, rather than in domination to, the Haitian people.

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Elections in Venezuela and Chile Advance Left Agenda and Latin American Economic Integration


The elections in Venezuela and Chile in December molded the political panorama of Latin America for the coming year, providing a new opening for left-leaning governments and the advance of post neoliberal policies in the region.

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Democracy in Latin America: The Results of the 2013 Latinobarómetro Public Opinion Poll

As they’ve done in past years, the pollsters comment on the dramatic discrepancy between Venezuelans’ positive evaluation of

The dominant narrative on democracy and Latin America's "left turn" has no basis in public opinion data from the region, as the Latinobarómetro poll results show.

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Venezuelan General Deterrence: New Axis of Evil or Third World Liberation?

Venezuelan militia members (Juan Barreto /AFP)

Over the last decade general deterrence imperatives have played a major role in shaping Venezuelan foreign policy. This is largely a response to US imperialism. 

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On Latin American Poverty and Fracking, American University Disregards Scholarly Standards

(via Shutterstock)

US intellectual culture is still susceptible to the corrupting effects of economic and state power, such that scholars' adherence to factual integrity and ethical standards can unravel quickly.

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Call of Duty: Feeding the Venezuela Haters or Just Dumb Fun?

Almagro is a red-beret wearing, Simon Bolivar-admiring and vehemently anti-US Venezuelan dictator who used petrodollars to forge

If ideology shapes our fantasies as Zizek suggests, then Call of Duty: Ghosts is imperialism distilled.

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Leading Figures from Britain Express Solidarity with Venezuela Against Unconstitutional Destabilization Attempts


Leading figures from across British society such as Grahame Morris MP (Labour Friends of Venezuela & Venezuela Solidarity Campaign,) filmmaker John Pilger, TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady, Professor Ernesto Laclau & many others have signed a statement in solidarity with Venezuela.

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As Poor Countries Walk Out of Climate Talks, Venezuela Calls on Industrial Nations to Take Action

(Screen capture)

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman interviews Claudia Salerno, the lead climate negotiator for Venezuela at this week's climate talks in Warsaw, Poland.

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The Shadow of Chile Falls on Venezuela

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro (centre) at an event last week to mark eight months since the death of his predecessor, Hugo

The mayoral elections campaign has seen an increase in economic sabotage aimed at incapacitating the government of President Nicolas Maduro and, says Francisco Dominguez, presents a threat not unlike that faced decades ago by Salvador Allende in Chile.

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Document Evidences Destabilization Plan Against Venezuela

The document, titled “Strategic Venezuelan Plan”, was prepared by the Democratic Internationalism Foundation (http://fidauv.

An internal document authored by three organizations from Colombia and the United States evidences a sinister plan against the Venezuelan state to provoke violence – even death – with the intention of justifying an international intervention in anticipation of municipal elections scheduled for next December 8.

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