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Analysis: International

Sins of Omission


The New York Times coverage of Hugo Chavez’ death was a bunker buster of misinformation.

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Estoy con Chávez, Soy un Chávista: Exploring the Political Appeal and Significance of Hugo Chávez

Chavez in Caracas

The death of Hugo Chavez has produced a heavily polarised debate over his legacy. In a new essay for Ceasefire, Samuel Grove takes issue with the eagerness of the Western left to cloak Chávez in a liberal garb, and argues this is symptomatic of a deeper conservative ambivalence towards what Chávez represented: a unapologetic fighter and leader for the Venezuelan working-class.

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Fidel Castro on the Death of Hugo Chavez: We Lost Our Best Friend

Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (EFE Archives)

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, has described late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as the best friend the Cuban people have had in their history.

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Chavez Succeeded Where Obama Failed


The late President Chavez steadily increased the crowds of people who came to hear him speak, year after year, election after election, rally after rally. The secret? Whereas President Obama could only speak about “hope” and “change,” President Chavez actually delivered. 

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Palestinians Mourn Chavez

Palestinians hold posters depicting Venezuela's late president Hugo Chavez during a vigil outside the Venezuelan consulate

The Palestinians loved Hugo Chavez because he loved them. They loved him for providing them with political support and for outwardly opposing US and Israeli policy.

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Mourning Chávez on the Web

It’s been fascinating seeing the response to the death of Hugo Chávez playing out on the web, for it not only confirms his status as a world historical figure, but because of the high symbolism of the event, which clearly exposes the fundamental ideological rift of our days.

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Outpouring of Solidarity Statements and Condolences for the Venezuelan People [+Photos]

Palestine (REUTERS/Mohamad Torokman)

Expressions of solidarity and condolences have been flooding into directly, as well as being put up on the internet and passed around on social networks. Here we include a collection of those expressions of solidarity that we have received or come across from activist and political groups and their representatives, as well as a photos of solidarity actions around the world.

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Ricardo Haussmann – A Reliable Commentator for the Guardian on Venezuela?

Ricardo Haussmann (

Last Monday the Guardian Comment is Free website carried a piece by Ricardo Haussmann on Venezuela entitled The legacy of Hugo Chávez: Low growth, high inflation, intimidation. But is Haussmann a reliable commentator for the Guardian on Venezuela?

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Little Credibility: U.S. Coverage of Iranian-Latin American Relations

President Hugo Chavez (left) with President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (centre) (archive).

Last January, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took a weeklong tour of Latin America, visiting Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, and finally Ecuador. In the U.S. media, where there are no two greater villains than Ahmadinejad and Chávez, it was not hard to predict that the coverage of the first stop on the tour would result in an onslaught of negative headlines filled with hysterics at what such a meeting could mean for U.S. national security.

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Private Media on Chavez’ Health: 70 Days of Speculation and Necrophilia

The front page of Thursday 24 January’s print edition of El País (El País/HoV)

It seems that while the “ominous voices” will continue to speculate on Chavez’s health and try to create the impression of a “crisis” in Venezuela where and when they can, the surprise return and apparent improvement of the Venezuelan president has demonstrated the falsity of many of their claims, highlighting 70 days of speculation and necrophilia as exactly that.

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Letter from Fidel Castro to Hugo Chavez upon Chavez’s Departure from Cuba

Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez (archive) translates the letter written to Hugo Chavez by Fidel Castro just before Chavez’s return to Venezuela in the early hours of Monday 18 February.

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Poverty and Progress: Comparing the US and Venezuela


What does it mean to be “Third World” in 2013?

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Venezuela: Women and the Health of a People

(Jean Araud)

The author examines how in little over ten years the Bolivarian Revolution has not only attended to the population sectors that didn’t have medical services in their communities, but now these sectors are also generating their own doctors.

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South America: A Panorama of Media Democratization

AINI Noticias

Media in Latin America have traditionally been consolidated into the hands of a few wealthy families and large media conglomerates. Over the last decade and a half, however, several governments in the region, including Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, and Uruguay, have moved to democratize media.

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Spanish Paper El País Makes a Fool of Itself

El País (AFP)

By printing an "exclusive" photograph purporting to show Chavez in hospital with a tube coming out of his mouth, which then turned out to be false, Spanish paper El País has made a fool out of itself.

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