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Analysis: International

After Venezuela’s Elections: Defeat for the Right, Challenges for the Left

The crowd outside Miraflores presidential palace after the announcement of Chavez’ re-election on 7 October (AVN)

Author and journalist Iain Bruce puts Hugo Chavez’ re-election as Venezuelan president into its domestic and regional context, and offers his analysis on the challenges for the left in Venezuela and Latin America in the coming period.

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What U.S. Voters Can Learn from Venezuela’s Election

Due to a high turnout of 81%, there were massive queues outside polling stations for Venezuela’s presidential election on 7 Oc

The era that preceded Chávez’s 1998 election has echoes of the current predicament of U.S. politics—two major parties with fairly similar agendas took turns managing the country’s governmental institutions while elites controlled the country’s resources. Venezuela’s democracy, like much of Latin America’s, has meant a break with that past.

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A Roundup of Media Coverage Surrounding the Venezuelan Election

Former opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles and re-elected Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez (Reuters)

In the run up to the 7 October Venezuelan election, it was reported that President Hugo Chávez would face 'the toughest electoral challenge of his reign' (The Times)1, 'that [would] decide the fate of his socialist revolution and could rearrange the region's balance of power' (Financial Times).2 The election, then, is considered particularly significant. How did the UK media report the event?

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Venezuelan Think Tank Panelist Condemns 100 Percent of Venezuelans

Pedro Burelli, second from left (Hudson Institute)

Quick — name the Harvard-educated financial executive who went on to dismiss tens of millions of people as freeloaders who think government should take care of them.

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Getting Elections Right in Venezuela and the US

Inspecting the ballot paper in Coromoto School, Merida, on voting day for Venezuela’s presidential election (Ewan Robertson /

The U.S. may be an economically and technologically advanced nation, but in the area of elections, could learn a thing or two from Venezuela, argues Antonio Gonzalez, President of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project.

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Venezuelans Vote for Socialism: An Eyewitness Account

The AVSN brigade outside the Venezuelan government's huge vaccination production factory (Pip Hinman)

Nothing quite prepares you for a first visit to Venezuela ― especially when the country is polarised between two very different visions for the future. The atmosphere was like nothing I'd experienced in any election campaign in Australia.

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How Western Press Distorts Venezuela

Venezuelans celebrating the re-election of Hugo Chavez outside the Miraflores Palace (Tamara Pearson /

Serious journalism regarding Venezuela requires covering the significant social achievements of the revolution and an informed discussion of its many shortcomings. Unfortunately, if Neuman’s article is anything to go by, the liberal corporate media will not provide you with either.

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Investing in Democracy: Elections in Venezuela

People queuing to vote for the Venezuelan presidential election last Sunday in the city of Merida (Ewan Robertson – Venezuelan

The US National Lawyers Guild reports on their experience as part of an official accompaniment delegation to the Venezuelan presidential elections, and reflects on the nature and importance of elections in Venezuela more widely.

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The Chávez Victory will be Felt Far beyond Latin America

(The Guardian)

The transformation of Latin America is one of the decisive changes reshaping the global order. The tide of progressive change that has swept the region over the last decade has brought a string of elected socialist and social-democratic governments to office that have redistributed wealth and power, rejected western neoliberal orthodoxy, and challenged imperial domination.


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Venezuelan Election Day: Channel 4 Selects Pro-Opposition Viewpoints

The BBC underplayed the size of Chavez’s final campaign rally in Caracas (laiguana)

British news is today (07/10/2012) much concerned with the elections underway in Venezuela. The election will be the 'closest since Hugo Chavez took power' (The Guardian), or the 'the country's most tightly contested presidential election in a decade' (BBC). To begin with, it should be noted that the above assertions are themselves misleading to a UK readership: even if the election is 'the closest' since 1998 in Venezuela, polling figures are such that if similar results were to be found in a UK election, the race would not be considered close.

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Lies, Half Truths and Bias: The World’s Media and the Venezuelan Election

Global mainstream media has engaged in coordinated campaign of disinformation regarding Venezuela’s 7 October presidential ele

Once again there has been a remarkably well coordinated campaign of disinformation regarding the Venezuelan presidential elections on Sunday October 7.

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Capriles Radonski with the Mask Off: Imperialist Ties & Cold Calls

Henrique Capriles Radonski (

With the elections just a few days away, and a leaked document confirming what activists on the ground already knew; that the Roundtable of Democratic Unity (MUD) intends to saddle Venezuela with a neo-liberal economic program worthy of Angela Merkel's highest seal of approval; any pretensions that Capriles may have had to a “center-left” program have been well and truly disposed of.

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Why the US Demonises Venezuela's Democracy

Hugo Chavez at a campaign march in Yaracuy on Tuesday (VTV)

Venezuela is about to hold impeccably free and fair elections, yet the US treats it as a dictatorship.

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Opposition Discusses “Plans” With Foreign Diplomats

Opposition politician Richard Mardo hosted the meeting between foreign diplomats and opposition figures (

Over the weekend, investigative journalist Jose Vicente Rangel warned of backroom opposition attempts to prevent another election win for Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

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The Skewed Reporting on the Venezuelan Elections

Hugo Chavez on a campaign rally in the northern state of Falcon on Wednesday (VTV)

In these two articles, News Unspun examines unbalanced reportage in the liberal British press on the Venezuelan presidential election.

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