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Analysis: Bolivarian Project

Who Dares Evaluate the Bolivarian Revolution?

Mural of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, in Caracas. (Reuters)

Venezuelan social movement activist Arlenys Espinal argues that the current opposition offensive should be combated by grassroots organizing rather than giving “triumphalist” support to the government.

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A Response from Venezuela

boy under flag

Dan compares his experience in Venezuela to those recounted in Mike Gonzalez's "A Second Letter from Caracas," highlighting what current opposition protestors’ motives seem to be, as well as the chavista response to them.

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How The Oligarchs Were Defeated ― Remembering The April 2002 Coup

Hugo Chavez being returned to power on 13 April 2002 after a right-wing coup briefly overthrew him (AVN / archive)

On the anniversary of the April 2002 coup attempt, Green Left Weekly recalls the events around and consequences of the right-wing coup that briefly ousted Hugo Chavez from power twelve years ago.

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Proposing a Path to Socialism: Two Papers for Hugo Chávez

(Tamara Pearson/Venezuelanalysis)

Everyone understands that it is impossible to achieve the vision of socialism for the twenty-first century in one giant leap forward. 

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No Middle Road on Venezuela

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro addressing supporters at a recent “march for peace” in Caracas (prensa presidencial)

Moodilar argues, “The left needs to rally behind the revolutionary process using a framing that educates people about the social forces at play in Venezuela”.

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“Colectivos are Synonymous with Organization, Not Violence”

Youth stand in front of their barrio and show love for Hugo Chavez. (Saber y Poder)

Clodovaldo Hérnandez, Venezuelan writer and politician, talks about the criminalization of grassroots organizing, the right-wing strategy behind it, and goes on to explain why “the fate of the revolution rests in the communal councils” in an interview with newspaper Ciudad CCS, from March 10th, 2014.


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Video: Tariq Ali Remembers Hugo Chavez


The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign in Britain on February 20, 2014, sponsored the inaugural Hugo Chavez Memorial Lecture in London. The speaker was internationally renowned Marxist author Tariq Ali.

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A Giant Under the Moon: A Tribute to Hugo Chavez One Year From His Death

Hugo Chavez (VTV)

"A year has passed since the physical parting of Hugo Chavez and it’s still impossible to accept," writes journalist and author Eva Golinger.

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Venezuela’s Future


People are confused about Venezuela, and reasonably so. Why conflicts? Who is protesting? On what scale? What is the government response? What are the deeper issues? Even more, what do the deeper issues and possible responses portend for the future?

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Venezuela Beyond the Protests: The Revolution is Here to Stay

Golinger argues, “The revolution that is here to stay is the Bolivarian Revolution, which began in 1998 when Hugo Chavez was f

Investigative journalist Eva Golinger traces the roots of current opposition protests, and argues “the revolution that is here to stay is the Bolivarian Revolution, which began in 1998 when Hugo Chavez was first elected president”.

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Coups, Media and Stalemates: What Violent Protests Mean for Venezuela’s staff writers offer their concise insights on three different angles of the violent protests that have’s staff writers offer their concise insights on three different angles of the violent protests that have been occurring in the country: the opposition’s strategy, how the media have reacted, and the implications of the protests for the Bolivarian Revolution.

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2013 Year of Uncertainty, 2014 Year of Definitions

The Bolivarian revolution got through many hard challenges last year (Portaldelsur)

2014, a year free of electoral distortions, is without a doubt a year of definitions.

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Democracy in Latin America: The Results of the 2013 Latinobarómetro Public Opinion Poll

As they’ve done in past years, the pollsters comment on the dramatic discrepancy between Venezuelans’ positive evaluation of

The dominant narrative on democracy and Latin America's "left turn" has no basis in public opinion data from the region, as the Latinobarómetro poll results show.

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Venezuelanalysis: 10 Years Reporting on the Bolivarian Revolution

VA has been there for the good times and the harder times (Ryan Mallett-Outtrim -

Though activists, academics, and other readers rely on daily and weekly for contextual, thorough, on the ground, non corporate perspectives on the Bolivarian revolution, few people know the site’s story. 

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Attending Need, Not Profit: Venezuela’s Experiment with Community Medicine

The February 2012 graduation of the first wave of community doctors, of which there were over 8000 in total (AVN)

How should the healthcare needs of a society be met? Conspicuously absent from international media coverage and under fire from conservative critics at home, Venezuela is developing a public healthcare system distinct from both U.S. market-driven and European welfare-state models. Perhaps nothing makes this system more unique than the kind of doctors being trained to run it.

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