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Leopoldo Lopez (Cristian Hernandez/AFP/Getty Images)

The Making of Leopoldo Lopez

Robert Lovato delves into Leopoldo Lopez's checkered past from his elite US education to his suspected role in the 2002 coup, calling into question the Venezuelan opposition standard-bearer's democratic credentials. 

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US Targets Venezuela Using Border Dispute as Pretext
Maduro Talks to teleSUR: Guyana Border Dispute, Greece, and Economic War
U.S.-Venezuela Détente Still Going — For Now
A Marxist Analysis of the Currency Exchange Controls in Venezuela

Venezuela in images

Venezuelan Independence Day 2015 - On Sunday July 5th, Venezuela celebrated the 204th anniversary of its emancipation from Spanish colonial rule.   

Sister Eugenia Russian is a longtime member of Venezuela's oldest human rights organisation, Fundalatin (Fundalatin)

Venezuela's Oldest Human Rights Organization: "Here There is a State That Respects Human Rights"

As "reports" of alleged "human rights violations" in Venezuela are unscrupulously circulated by transnational corporate media and rightwing governments, VA speaks to long time human rights activist Sister Eugenia Russian, President of the Latin American Foundation of Human Rights and Social Development (Fundalatin), concerning a range of issues, including "political prisoners", "torture" allegations, the "crackdown" on journalists, Liberation Theology, and more. 

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Economic Indicators

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This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here