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Opposition activist Lilian Tintori congratulates Macri on his presidential win. (Reuters)

Macri to Pursue Venezuela Suspension from MERCOSUR, Opposition Celebrates

Prominent members of the Venezuelan opposition are describing the electoral victory of controversial millionaire businessman Mauricio Macri in Argentina’s presidential elections this Sunday as a ray of “hope” for Latin America. An adversary of the Bolivarian process, Macri has vowed to push for Venezuela’s expulsion from MERCOSUR. 


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Opinion & Analysis


The Roots of the Current Situation in Venezuela

Venezuelanalysis's Gregory Wilpert breaks down the causes of the current difficulties in Venezuela, arguing that they can be traced to the currency control measures implemented in 2003 - designed to defend the government against a capitalist attack on its currency.

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Venezuela in images

Chavistas Launch Campaign to Reclaim Revolution - Venezuela’s grassroots are rallying around a new self-managed campaign, which relies on graphic design and social media participation to highlight the enduring vitality of the Bolivarian process as a struggle to build power from below in the leadup to December parliamentary elections. 

“Venezuela Must Raise the Flags of Campesinos Across the Globe against the Privatisation of Food”

VA's Rachael Boothroyd Rojas talks with activist Manuel Suarez of the Venezuelan collective Homo et Natura about the monumental Anti-Transgenic and Anti-Patent Seed Law currently in debate in the country’s National Assembly.

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here