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Participants in the July social movement gathering on Isla Margarita, Venezuela, to discuss their demands ahead of UN climate ta

Venezuela: 'People's Solutions' to Climate Crisis Set Out

Social movements gathered on Isla Margarita, Venezuela, over July 15-18 to discuss their demands ahead of United Nations climate talks due to take place in Lima, Peru, in December.

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Venezuela in images

Photos: Venezuela's “Hugo Chavez” Shelter for Palestinian Child Refugees Revealed - The Venezuelan government has released images of the “Hugo Chavez” shelter where incoming Palestinian child refugees of the Israeli assault on the Gaza strip will be housed.

Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has proposed a series of major reforms to the economy, state and party in the hope of settin

Planned Reforms May Determine Survival of Venezuela’s Bolivarian Project

The administration of President Nicolas Maduro faces a set of adverse conditions which have the potential to turn a majority of the country’s citizens against the incumbent government at the next election. In this context, there is perhaps more riding on economic and state reforms currently being designed than first meets the eye.

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Economic Indicators

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This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here