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Venezuelan Opposition Stages March as Rightwing Violence Breaks out again in Merida State

Venezuelan opposition leaders grouped under the banner of the Rpundtable of Democratic Unity led a march through the streets of the capital on Saturday, beginning from various points in the city center and concluding at the Centro Comercial Único, in the largely middle class opposition neighborhood of Chacaito.

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Opinion & Analysis

Maduro during the April 2013 elections (In Defence of Marxism)

Venezuela: Heinz Dieterich the Prophet of Doom – Or how not to save the Bolivarian Revolution

Alan Woods responds to an article published by Heinz Dieterich on the Venezuelan leftwing website Aporrea, in which the German academic claims that 2015 will be the Maduro government´s last year in office.

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Rapprochement Between the United States and Cuba and Sanctions Against Venezuela


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Thousands of Venezuelans March to Celebrate their Constitution and Condemn US Interference - Thousands of Venezuelans marched in Caracas on Monday to celebrate 15 years since the Bolivarian Constitution was passed in a nationwide referendum. The march also served as a platform for Venezuelans to express their outrage at the sanctions recently imposed by the United States government on the Caribbean nation.