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Foreign Minister Elias Jaua visits Barlovento (La Voz)

Why Are There No Barricades in Afro-Descendant Communities?

In these 15 years of the Bolivarian process, afro-descendant Venezuelans have been dignified in an unprecedented way in Venezuelan history. 

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Who Dares Evaluate the Bolivarian Revolution?
A Response from Venezuela
The Barrios Won’t Join In

Venezuela in images

Alternative Photography, Alternative Education - The alternative school of Pueblo Nuevo, Merida, aims to empower children by involving them in their learning processes, in their community, and placing communication in their hands: involving them in radio production, video production, and here; photography.  

"Bye friend, return soon", says the sign at one of Venezuela's border points (archive)

Undocumented Migrants in Venezuela Have More Rights than US Citizens in the US

While most first world and imperialist countries criminalise refugees and undocumented migrants, scapegoating them, promoting racism, and mistreating them, Venezuela welcomes all migrants, and provides them with the same rights as Venezuelan citizens.

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here


Raúl Capote (Chavez vive magazine)

Interview with Ex-CIA Collaborator: “The CIA’s Plans in Venezuela Are Far Advanced”

In a recent interview in Havana, a former CIA collaborator, Cuban Raúl Capote, revealed the strategy of the CIA in Venezuelan universities to create the kind of destabilizing opposition student movement the country is currently facing. He also discusses media manipulation, and alleges that one of the U.S. diplomats that President Maduro expelled from Venezuela last September was in fact a CIA agent.

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