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(Jorge Giordani / archive)

Chavista Debate More than Pragmatists vs Radicals

Federico Fuentes examines the debate underway within Chavismo over the Bolivarian project’s economic direction following the public criticisms of the Maduro administration’s policies made by former planning minister Jorge Giordani.

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Venezuela in images

Venezuelans Celebrate 203 Years of Independence on July 5th, 2014 - Tens of thousands filled the grandstands that line the kilometer-long parade ground, Paseo de los Proceres, to celebrate Venezuela's 203rd Independence Day, July 5, 2014.

Orlando Borrego (right) with Che Guevara (archive)

Cuban Ex-Guerilla is Consultant for Venezuelan Economic Reform

Cuban economist and ex-guerilla combatant Orland Borrego, who fought alongside Che Guevara during the Cuban revolution, will be advising Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro on how to establish a “total re-structuring” of the Venezuelan economy. 

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Economic Indicators

Chart graphic

This CEPR has written various reports on the situation of the venezuelan economy. Read them here